Zenith Bank USSD transfer code: How to use

Zenith International Bank Plc. popularly known as Zenith Bank, is a multinational financial service provider in Nigeria. It was founded in May 1990 by Jim James Ovia. The bank started operating in July 1990 with a basic capital of $4 million. The bank acquired its commercial bank license from the Central Bank of Nigeria that same year. Since 1990 Zenith Bank has grown to have branches in every State of Nigeria including the Federal Capital Territory with over 500 branches and business offices. They also have subsidiaries in other Anglophone countries in West Africa and South Africa. Zenith Bank is also present in China, the United Arab Emirates, and The United Kingdom.

Zenith Bank USSD transfer code: How to use

Zenith bank, apart from providing banking services, also provides a lot of other services including Zenith insurance, Zenith pension, Custodian, Zenith Trust Company, and Cyberspace.

The gross earnings of the bank in 2018 came to a total of #630.34 billion as against the #745 .19 billion of 2017. Over #1 billion drop in just about a year. Despite this, the bank still experienced an increase in profit after tax at #193.15 billion as against the #172.47 billion of 2017. It also improved in net interest from 2017’s #257.991 billion to #295.594 billion in 2018.

What is USSD CODE?

The world is ever evolving and with speed too. The banking sector is also not left out, as they have moved from the days where everything is manual, now everything is computerized. USSD CODE is part of this fast-growing evolution that have stormed the banking sector. USSD CODE is a formula that has made banking easy, smart, and more efficient both to bankers and their customers.

Gone are the days when you had to queue at the bank for hours just to withdraw or pay in. You can now perform almost any transaction without having to leave your home. How? Through the use of bank USSD TRANSFER CODES. Every bank has its unique set of USSD CODES and they work 24 hours, 7 days a week. All you need is a mobile phone, one without internet services is still good to go.

As long as you have an account with a bank you are automatically qualified to use their USSD CODE. you can even open an account using a USSD CODE. Banking is now that easy.

Benefits of USSD CODES

  • Payment of bills
  • Check account balance
  • Transfer money to other accounts
  • Buy data
  • Recharge your phone and other people’s phone
  • Open account
  • Lodge complaints and many more.

Zenith bank USSD codes

  • Account opening *966*0#
  • Check account balance *966*00#
  • Airtime top-up *966* amount * mobile number#
  • Transfer funds *966* amount * account number#
  • Update your BVN up *966* BVN#
  • Reset pin *966* 60#
  • Deactivate mobile banking up *966* 00 * 0#
  • Pay DSTV and PHCN up *966*7* amount * customer ID#
  • Pay other zenith billers up *966* 6* biller code* amount#