Who is Mitch Grassi?

Mitchell Coby Michael Grassi was born on 24 July 1992, in Arlington, Texas, USA, and is a singer, best known for being a member of the a cappella group Pentatonix, the only group of its kind to find success as mainstream artists. They’ve released various cover albums and original songs since their inception.

The Net Worth of Mitch Grassi

As of early-2020, Mitch Grassi’s net worth is estimated to be over $8 million, earned through a successful career in the music industry. Apart from his earnings with Pentatonix, he’s also found a huge amount of success online through his YouTube collaboration with bandmate Scott Hoying, called Superfruit. The duo have also released music under the same name.

Early Life and Career Beginnings

While Mitch was born in Arlington, his family moved to Dallas-Fort Worth due to his father gaining work there in the airline industry, while her mother worked as an instructor, training dental hygienists. He grew up alongside an older sister with whom he developed a strong interest in music – the two often performed and sang songs together. Eventually, he met and befriended future bandmate Scott Hoying when he was young, and the two then met and befriended another future Pentatonix founder, Kirstin Maldonado.

The trio grew close, performing in musical theatre though they had other endeavors that split their time.

Eventually, Scott and Mitch reunited in a production of “Annie” before splitting again and reuniting for a production of “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”. During his teens, Mitch aspired to become a successful music artist. He was attending Martin High School which had an emphasis on the arts, during which time the trio truly reconnected to create a singing group that would later become Pentatonix.

Rise to Fame

Scott became interested in an a capella-style group after discovering the reality competition show “The Sing-Off”, which at the time was conducting auditions. Since a group of five members were required, they discovered and recruited beatboxer Kevin Olusola, and bass vocalist Avi Kaplan.

The group won the competition, leading them to start their pursuit of a career in the music industry. They started off doing a cappella covers of various popular songs, which helped them build a fan base over time.

While they initially signed a recording contract, they were dropped shortly after as the company didn’t feel that they had a large enough audience. To help them gain attention, the group began posting videos on YouTube regularly – some of their most popular hits include covers of “Somebody that I Used to Know” and “We Are Young”. This then led them to release compilations of these covers in the Extended Play (EP) format, and some of their online releases earned millions of views, which in turn attracted millions of subscribers.

Their social media presence also increased exponentially as ir following grew.

Mainstream Success

Since their inception, the group has released 11 albums, with most of their releases becoming top ten Billboard hits. They’ve won three Grammy Awards and have had two number one albums. They tour around the world including Latin America, Asia, Europe, as well as North America. Each individual of the group contributes to the possible songs they will work on, which they arrange with the help of their producer. In 2015, they released their first original music album – “Pentatonix” – which got to the top spot of the Billboard 200, making it the first a cappella group to achieve it.

Apart from Pentatonix, Grassi works regularly with Hoying for the YouTube channel Superfruit. The channel started as something for fun that the two would do outside of music; they released skits, comedic videos, and duets. It was a platform for them to be more creative, and the two got a stronger following because of it. Superfruit has also been an avenue for the duo to be more open about their sexuality. Superfruit released an EP called “Future Friends, Part One” in 2017 and it was followed up by its second part later in the year.

Style and Public Appearances

Mitch is known to be more fashion-conscious and adventurous when it comes to his clothing choices, and has expressed many times that his look is an expression of who he is. He loves avant-garde art, which is often seen through the clothes he wears, his hairstyle, and some of Pentatonix’s music. He also has an interest in more vintage styles, from the 1980s to the 1990s. He has been featured in several magazines thanks to this, including “InStyle” which praised him for his bold fashion choices. He’s also been named as one of the most eligible gay bachelors by the publication “Out”.

He’s also expressed the usage of clothes in a more genderless fashion, and has promoted brands such as Balenciaga several times. Superfruit is also known for using various clothes from popular designers, including Haider Ackermann, Maison Margiela, and Alexander Wang. His clothing style also expresses a duality in his personality, in which he wants to look intimidating or scary, but still wants to be perceived as approachable. He intends to learn more about clothing design, with a future possibly partnering with a high profile designer to release a clothing line.

Personal Life

Mitch is in a relationship with singer and songwriter Beau Sloane, who is known for his single “Outpost”.

The two are often seen together in various online posts. Grassi also admitted to being in a brief relationship with bandmate Scott Hoying, though the two have passed that into more of a very close friendship, which he calls something stronger than any romantic bond.

In recent years, a lot of people have noted his significant reduction in weight that has left many of his fans concerned. It was then revealed that he was diagnosed with cancer. While he didn’t share any details about it, the disease was caught an early stage, and he had to undergo chemotherapy which reduced his weight significantly.