Why did Keyshia retire?

In March 2021, the music world received news that resonated with a mix of surprise and reflection as Keyshia Myeshia Cole, the acclaimed American R&B singer, announced her retirement from the music business after one final album.

Keyshia Cole revealed that her choice to retire was influenced by a profound shift in her perspective on life, a transformation that began with a decision she initially made before the passing of her biological mother, Frankie Lons.

Frankie Lons, Keyshia’s mother, tragically lost her life in July 2021, reportedly due to a drug overdose while celebrating her 61st birthday.

In the wake of this heartbreaking loss, Keyshia shared, “For a second, I told myself I just [wasn’t] going to do music anymore. But that was before my mom passed, and then a lot more happened. I had already signed my deal that I have in place, so I have to fulfill that obligation.”

The artist acknowledged that the passing of her mother brought about a shift in her perspective, leading her to reconsider her earlier decision. She decided to honor her contractual obligations by releasing one final album, a project that would serve as a farewell to her music career.