Who Is Zoey Stegmann On Tiktok? Meowbah Face Reveal On Instagram

Zoey Stegmann is said to be Meowbah on Tiktok. 

An unidentified source released the personal information on a minor TikTok user named Meowbah on her discord server, which has caused an uproar on the internet.

Who Is Zoey Stegmann On Tiktok?

Zoey Stegmann is believed to be Meowbah on Tiktok. The information is said to have been released on her Discord server yesterday.

It says that she is 15 years old and resides in California. She is a Pngtuber which is also one of the types of Vtuber. She has a character that can be called an alias for her and uses them to create different kinds of content.

She has 50.7k followers on Tiktok. Moreover, she has a Youtube channel, but there are no videos on it yet. Still, it also has 1.22k subscribers. She is quite popular among the netizens who like pngtubers.

Additionally, her Tiktok account was created on March 5, although it is possible that she may have deleted her previous videos. There is no further information about her on the internet.

Did Meowbah Aka Zoey Stegmann Had Face Reveal?

Meowbah, aka Zoey Stegmann, did not have a face reveal yet. However, her fans are claiming that her information was released on her discord server yesterday.

Her real name is said to be Zoey Stegman from California. It consisted of information about her IP address as well as her discord Id. Although her content may be liked by many, there are other people who claim that she is racist and have said many slurs in discord.

Meowbah Discord Server Information Spammed

The new discord server of Meowbah was released just yesterday, and it is already full of controversies. People are discussing that her discord has got banned again.

In addition, there were people reading her discord account yesterday. Some even claimed that they intentionally joined in to teach her a lesson because she uses too many racial slurs as disrespects others.

She did not do anything when there was gross stuff that was flooded in the server by spammers. Many of the users also said that another content creator named Jellybean is far better than her, and she is just trying to clone another social media influencer.

However, there are also people who are saying that some adults need to stop doing on her as she is just an eighth-grader. Although she may be hateful, getting her personal information circulated on the internet is too much.