Who Is Zaréh Isa From American Idol? Former Finalist Nadia Turner Daughter Shines With Her Performance

22 years of Zaréh Isa, Nadia Turner’s daughter is gaining a lot of recognition following her astonishing audition in American Idol 2022. Continue reading the article to learn more about the star.

Zaréh Isa a Florida native shocked the audience as well as her mother Nadia Turner from her American Idol 2022 audition.

All the judges including, Katy Perry, Luke Bryan, and Lionel Richie wowed her performance and provided her with a golden ticket.

American Idol 2022: How Old Is Zaréh Isa?

22 years of Zaréh Isa is impressing the judges of American Idol 2022 through her performances. The contestant’s performance wowed the audience.

Isa even got the golden ticket to Hollywood. Isa’s fans took to social media to congratulate and cheer her on.

They were even more surprised to learn that she was the daughter of Nadia Turner, a former American Idol contestant. Turner’s return to the stage was even more impressive to some.

According to her, her audition was a surprise for her mother. She kept it secret and had told Nadia that she was going to take her to their mother-daughter spa day, instead of the show’s auditions.

Nadia was taken aback when Zaréh revealed that she was auditioning for American Idol when she arrived on set. The incident, according to Lionel Richie, marked the show’s “full circle.”

Isa is ready to follow in her mother’s footsteps after nearly 14 years of Nadia making a name for herself on American Idol.

In the Saturday clip, Zaréh introduced Nadia Turner to an astonished Ryan Seacrest. “My mother was in Season 4 of American Idol when I was about 4 years old, and she made it to the Top 8.”

“She has no idea I’m going to audition for American Idol.”

Zaréh Isa: Nadia Turner Daughter Age And Instagram

Zaréh Isa, Nadia Turner’s daughter, is only 22 years old, but she has the voice and talent of a seasoned professional. She is available on Instagram under the handle, @styledbyzaza, where she has over 2.5k followers.

According to her social media page, she is also a fashionista and a model.

Following her audition, she shared her golden ticket with her fans and followers. “I’m not sure who was more shaken!” “Me or my mother, @nadiacturner?” Isa, asked on Instagram on Saturday, March 19.

“I’m so glad I got to share this with her because it’s such a surreal experience.” “American Idol runs through my veins,” she wrote.

Nadia is currently her daughter’s dream to pursue a music career.

Who Is Zaréh Isa Father?: Family Details

Zaréh Isa’s father has remained a mystery for us as there is no detail available on him. In the name of family, Nadia has shared a picture of her dad, Isa, and that’s it.

There is neither a single post nor any mentioned in between about her father. We will update you with further information about her parents as soon as possible.