Who is Vivian Benitez, the young actress engaged to Rufus Sewell?

TV host Vivian Benitez, 27, is now engaged to The Holiday actor Rufus Sewell, 56.

Vivian Benítez stands out as a multifaceted personality with a rich history in beauty pageants and a thriving career as a TV host.

Crowned Miss Paraguay in 1991, Benítez made a significant mark by representing her nation at the prestigious Miss Universe pageant, where she achieved the remarkable feat of placing in the Top 10.

The journey to her crowning moment began in 1991 when Vivián Benítez clinched the title of Miss Paraguay in a national pageant that showcased her poise, grace, and undeniable charm.

This victory catapulted her onto the international stage, leading her to the Miss Universe pageant held on May 17 of the same year in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

Her performance at Miss Universe 1991 was nothing short of spectacular, as she not only reached the coveted Top 10 but also earned the distinction of being the first Paraguayan to achieve this feat in 27 years.

Notably, Benítez’s allure extended beyond the traditional beauty pageant categories. During the Miss Universe competition, she secured the position of the first runner-up in the National Costume award, a testament to her cultural pride and sartorial elegance.

Post her pageant triumphs, Vivián Benítez transitioned seamlessly into the world of television. Joining Paravisión’s anchor staff, she took on the role of hosting the morning show “Buenos días Paraguay” and later captivating audiences with “El mañanero.”

In her role as a TV host, Benítez became a household name, endearing herself to audiences across Paraguay.