Who Is Stephanie Lazarus Husband Scott Young And Where Is She Now?

Stephanie Lazarus’s husband Scott Young is also a detective in the police department, he was serving as a detective in San Fernando Valley back in the year 2009. 

Stephanie Lazarus is a former police detective and convicted murderer. She shot and killed Sherri Rasmussen out of uttermost jealousy after Sherri got married to Lazarus’s college boyfriend John Ruetten according to Insta Chronicles.

Lazarus graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles. While at the university, she was in a serious relationship with John Ruetten and even shared a drome room together but their relationship did not pan out and they continued on their own paths.

Let us learn more about Stephanie Lazarus’s husband Scott Young and take a closer look at her whereabouts as of 2022.

Who Is Stephanie Lazarus Husband Scott Young?

Stephanie Lazarus’s husband Scott Young is also a detective.

He was serving at San Fernando Valley as a detective back in 2009 when Stephanie was brought to the court for her trial according to Daily Breeze.

Scott and Stephanie lived in suburban Simi Valley on a street populated with several current and retired police officers.

However, much information about Stephanie’s husband Scott’s personal life has not come to the surface yet, they remained to themself according to their neighbors, New York Times reports.

The couple had a daughter, which they had adopted, but they were still eager to have a child of their own. They showed small gestures like giving away Christmas treats and giving flowers to the sick in the community but remained reserved in other instances.

Where Is Stephanie Lazarus Now?

Stephanie Lazarus is now in California Institution for Women in Corona.

She is serving her 27 years in prison sentence at the facility. She was handed the sentence in March 2012 and will be eligible for parole in 2034 according to Sports Keeda.

Lazarus was charged with the first-degree murder of Sherri Rasmussen, additionally, she was also charged with breaking the confidence of the LAPD by utilizing her expertise as a police officer to carry out her homicidal plans.

After she was found guilty in March 2012, she later filed an appeal, arguing that the evidence supporting the burglar theory was not provided at the trial. Her petition was refused in 2015, and the California Court of Appeal affirmed the guilty conviction.

What Was Stephanie Lazarus Relationship With John Ruetten?

Stephanie Lazarus was in a relationship with John Ruetten while they both were at UCLA.

John Ruetten, a mechanical engineering major from San Diego, dated Stephanie Lazarus, a political science major from Simi Valley, California, who was also a Dykstra Hall resident.

While Lazarus considered having a serious relationship with John, he testified that she was never his girlfriend according to the Murder of Sherri Rasmussen Wikipedia profile.