Who Is Royal Kent aka Kemoy Royal From New York? Grubhub Delivery Saves The Kidnapped Woman

Grubhub’s conveyance and capturing story stood out enough to be noticed after bistro laborers assisted with finding individuals who had been taken by Royal Kent, otherwise called Kemoy Royal. Here, you can figure out everything about the case.

Kemoy Royal, otherwise called Royal Keny, was blamed for physically attacking two unique ladies. He is 32 years of age and lives on Pratt Avenue in the Bronx. After his casualty posted a letter through the GrubHub conveyance application advising individuals to call the police, fast reasoning staff at a New York bistro liberated a lady from an idea man to be a chronic attacker on Sunday.

Likewise, when the request for an Irish breakfast bun and a hamburger burger appeared at The Chipper Truck Cafe in Yonkers at 5:50 a.m. on June 19 with next to no clarification, the staff realized something was off-base.

Who Is Royal Kent otherwise known as Kemoy Royal From New York? Kemoy Royal, otherwise called Royal Kent, was captured for assault and hijacking after his casualty put a note on GrubHub asking café staff to call the police. The reports say that he lives on Pratt Avenue in the Bronx.

Likewise, on his LinkedIn page, Kemoy Royal is displayed with a highly contrasting necktie and suit perusing Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War.” He considers himself a “informatics specialist” who works with electronic clinical records in the medical care industry. He went to Delaware State University.

His web-based continue says that Trinity Health, St. Mary’s Healthcare, Mount Sinai Health System, and New York-Presbyterian Hospital are a portion of his clients. On his site, he says that he is a writer, writer, craftsman, educator, clinical specialist, and entrepreneur. On his Facebook page, he says that he is likewise a business person.

Grubhub Delivery and Abduction Story The one who was taken by Kemoy Royal, otherwise called Royal Kent, sent a note through GrubHub on June 19 requesting that café laborers call the police. The casualty said in the protest that she implored him not to kill her and that she was likewise compromised with being assaulted.

A criminal objection says that he put a blade to her throat and told her she would die in the event that she didn’t do what he said. At the point when she attempted to call the police on her telephone, he removed it from her. He possibly gave her telephone back when she requested to arrange supper, so she could go to The Chipper Truck Cafe to call for help.

Laborers at The Chipper Truck Cafe conversed with the proprietor and called the police in the wake of receiving the message through a GrubHub request. As per the criminal grumbling against Kemoy Royal, 33, it was anything but a joke. All things considered, he was supposedly on a sexual binge, grabbing and attacking two ladies in half a month.

Was The Suspect Royal Kent also known as Kemoy Royal Arrested? Kemoy Royal, otherwise called Royal Kent, was captured on June 19 after police realized there was a subsequent casualty, a 26-year-elderly person who likewise blamed the suspect for rape.

Charges say that Royal met the ladies through dating applications, baited them back to his loft, took steps to kill them there, and afterward constrained himself on them. Police arrested Royal and accused him of 27 counts of abducting and sexual maltreatment.

The girl of the bistro proprietor, Alicia Bermejo, said thanks to the staff for assisting with getting Royal off the roads before he injured another person.