Who Is Nermina Mujkanovic? Details On Lance Tsosie Aka Modern Warrior Wife And Family Amid TikTok Drama

Lance Tsosie married Nermina Mujkanovic in 2020. People are baffled and want to learn more about his current wife. 

Born and Bred in the Navajo Nation, Lance is an aspiring internet sensation who has more than millions of fan following on TikTok and Instagram.

Also, she is a creative content creator and a fearless activist. With the moniker @modern_warrior__, Lance has grabbed 2.9 million followers and 91.2 million likes on TikTok as of March 2022.

Recalling his childhood days, When Tsosie was 11 years, he and his mother moved to Glenwood Springs, searching for better education. He earned a B.A. degree from the University of Denver in political science. He will receive his Master’s degree in June 2022 from Morgridge College of Education.

Who Is Nermina Mujkanovic? Wikipedia Bio Uncovered

Nermina Miujkanovic is widely known as a celebrity spouse. She is the wife of an activist and internet influencer, Lance Tsosie.

Nevertheless, Lance is a public figure, while his wife Nermina is not a celeb. She is more of a private person.

There is a piece of information about Nermina on the internet. We only find out that Tsosie married Nermina in 2020. We’re keeping an eye on this matter, stay with us to learn more.

Lance Tsosie Aka Modern Warrior Is Married To Wife Nermina Mujkanovic

As per Lance Tsosie’s Wikipedia page, he got married blissfully to his partner, Nermina Mijkanovic, in 2020.

The webstar Lance is popularly known as a modern warrior on social media pages. He often gets criticized by fans.

Whatsoever, he has been very open about American native culture, and when it comes to his relationship, he tends to remain silent. We barely have any details about his parents or siblings at the moment.

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What Happened To Lance Tsosie And Chelsea Hart? TikTok Drama Explained

As per Distractify, the drama between the two exes, Lance and Chelsea, on TikTok has been the hot potato on social media these days.

Chelsea claims that she and Lance have had a relationship for a few months. Addressing the recent video of Chelsea’s on TikTok drama, Lance uploaded an apology video for not being the effective communicator that he wanted to be. Also, their friendship has ended.”

Most of her content is based on the country’s major issues like racism and sexuality, including content about native American culture, and sometimes Lance raised questions regarding the political scenarios.