Who Is Nathan DeBruin In Kyle Rittenhouse Trial? Everything To Know About The Witness

Nathan DeBruin was one of the final witnesses brought on the last day of trial. Learn who he is and the details he shared about the case.

The state summoned its final witness on the seventh day of the Kyle Rittenhouse trial before resting its case. The defense is now putting together its case and bringing witnesses, one of whom is anticipated to be Rittenhouse himself.

On Tuesday, there was a lot of activity as numerous witnesses testified, and various procedural difficulties were resolved. Brand-new drone footage of the initial shooting was also released, providing the most precise image of what transpired that night to date.

The prosecution’s new drone footage offers one of the most detailed images of the incident to date. It was enlarged and cropped by a technician at the state crime lab, and it depicts Kyle Rittenhouse sprinting across the Car Source parking lot while being pursued by Joseph Rosenbaum.

Who is Nathan DeBruin? Kyle Rittenhouse Trial Witness

Nathan DeBruin is the witness who was recently brought on in the recent Kyle Rittenhouse Trial.

The last witness for the defense was an amateur photographer who was present at the site of the shootings. He testified about what he observed that night but sparred with the prosecution about details he kept out of interviews in the days after.

Nathan DeBruin stated that he missed some of the details because he had just witnessed a death. Another person’s arm was almost blown off. Seventeen days ago, said Assistant District Attorney James Kraus.

According to DeBruin, it made no difference in how lengthy it was. He is still dealing with the aftereffects of that horrible experience.

Photographer Kyle Rittenhouse Age & Trial Details On Reddit

Nathan DeBruinage, age unknown, is a resident of Kenosha. He characterized himself as a hobbyist photographer.

DeBruin stated that he went downtown on the night of the tragic protest gunshots and captured many photographs. The photos were recounted to the jury by him.

During his evidence, jurors took notes on occasion. Rosenbaum appeared upset with DeBruin.

DeBruin said that Huber “appeared like he was trying to overpower Kyle… and then everything transpired in a fraction of a second.”

He was questioned if he hoped to profit from the trial by selling his pictures.

The case has sparked a storm of discussion in the Reddit forum. Many question the judge’s action, and while many agree, the judge decided not to call the deceased victims.