Who Is Matijn Nijhuis Partner? Everything To Know About The Journalist

The Dutch journalist Matijn Nijhuis has become a subject of interest with regard to his partner. Explore facts about his love life within the blog.

Matijn Nijhuis expertly functions as a professional journalist and newsreader reportedly for the NOS and NPO Radio 2 from the Netherlands.

The Dutch web personality has been serving in the field for quite some time now. He reportedly kicked off his career as a volunteer.

If you’d like to understand more about him, we’ve got your back. Here in the article below, we have emphasized his details like partner and more.

Who Is Matijn Nijhuis Partner? Is He Married?

47 years old, Matijn Nijhuis is vocal about his partner Bram de Wijs in the public. However, we aren’t confirmed if the couple is married or not.

He reportedly proposed to his partner via the radio station 3FM with a romantic gesture to which Bram de Wijs replied with a big yes.

The couple is outspoken about their togetherness. Every so often the two take to their social platforms upload eulogy dedicated to each other.

One can say the pair is so in love with each other. Regardless of opinionated society, they have found love and companionship in each other.

Their relationship not only breaks the stereotypical attitudes but has drawn attention to vulnerable groups such as foster children from their relation.

Reportedly, the pair have two foster children together. According to them, a child’s past shouldn’t be a barrier, but a reason to help a child.

One of their foster children; a daughter celebrated her 16th birthday over a week ago on the 10th of March 2022 unveiled via his Instagram post.

The entire family of four; the journalist, his partner Bram, and their two foster children; a daughter and a son live happily under the same roof.

Explore Details Provided In Journalist Matijn Nijhuis’s Wikipedia

A native of Almelo, NPO Radio 2 journalist Matijn Nijhuis was reportedly born with cerebral palsy according to his Wikipedia biography.

Due to the disorder, it makes him difficult to walk. Yet, that mentioned, he managed to walk all thanks to botox injections.

Back in the late 90s i.e., 1996, the Dutch journalist acquired his job as a newsreader and reporter reportedly at Omroep Amersfoort.

He switched to RTV Oost shortly after a year. He served as a presenter of various radio and TV programs during that time.

In the concrete, the notable journalist is also a content creator who is significantly recognized for his self-titled YouTube channel.

His YouTube channel has over 11k subscribers at present. He updated his YouTube before 7 months ago

Matijn Nijhuis On Instagram.

The well-acknowledged Dutch journalist Matijn Nijhuis is available on Instagram. In fact, he is already verified on the mainstream platform.

His official account has already accumulated over 12k followers on the stage. As a matter of fact, he is also active across various social stages.

The journalist has more followers on his Twitter account in comparison to Instagram. It has stockpiled almost 17k adherents so far.

He is a religious social networking platform user. The latest post on his Instagram is on the special day of his daughter’s 16th birthday.