Who Is Maskray Meninggal On Tiktok? Indonesian Web Star Maskray Dzikry Aliyyudin Passed Away

Maskray Meninggal as per the rumors on Tiktok. Is the news of his death true? Let’s find out. 

The hashtag Maskray Meninggal is being used widely on Tiktok. The meaning is that Maskray dies, but the news is still unsure as no relevant sources have confirmed the information.

He is a famous social media influencer from Indonesia who has reportedly died.

Who Is Maskray Meninggal On Tiktok?

The term Maskray Meninggal is widely circualted on Tiktok at present. It means that Maskray has died. He is a popular TikTok user who has massive 4.3 million followers.

His videos are viewed over 131 million times. He usually makes fun videos where he can be seen chilling out with his friends or girlfriend.

Many of his fans said that he had a big team behind him who were popular on the platform. His personal information is not available on the internet. However, it seems that his real name is Dzikry Aliyyudin, as it is mentioned on his Instagram.

Recently, the news of his death has been circulating on social media, which has saddened everyone. But, some of the users find it difficult to believe the word as there is no official statement regarding it yet.

Maskray Dzikry Aliyyudin Death Cause Revealed

The death cause of Maskray Dzikry Aliyyudin is not revealed yet. However, he had been hospitalized a week before.

He posted a picture of himself where he can be seen going on for surgery. He had written in the caption that everyone prays for that his surgery would go well.

However, he did not mention what kind of surgery he was going to receive. But, there is a Tiktok video showing that he was being carried in a wheelchair and drips attached to his hands.

Thus, many people speculated that he may have been sick, and he lost his life after undergoing treatment as he faced complications. However, the official news is yet to be released.

Maskray Meninggal- What Happened To Him?

Rumors claim that Maskray Meninggal. He is believed to have been hospitalized since last week as he had to get some surgery done. However, suddenly people are claiming that he has passed away.

The video of him being carried in a wheelchair is getting viral, and people already believe that he may have passed away. But, we are still unsure if it is true or just a hoax.