Who Is Lindsey Sine Nikola? Peter Foley Accuser Amid Sexual Assault Allegations

Lindsey Sine Nikola is a former US Snowboard employee who has accused Peter Foley of sexual misconduct. Here is everything you need to know about her. What happened between them?

American snowboard coach, Peter Foley is no longer a part of US Ski and Snowboard following multiple sexual accusations. The longtime US snowboard coach faces allegations of sexual misconduct from four different women.

And one of them is Lindsey Sine Nikola. A former employee of the US Ski and Snowboard has filed a complaint against him. As per ESPN, there are other three complaints from Olympic players whose names are kept confidential.

Who Is Lindsey Sine Nikola? Peter Foley Sexual Allegations

Lindsey Sine Nikola is a former employee of the US Ski and Snowboard.

Moroever, she had worked for the Sports organization for around 5 years, from 2006 to 2010. According to her, she had to leave the corporation due to inappropriate behavior from the former coach, Peter Foley.

And finally, after more than a decade, Nikola has filed a complaint against him. She filed a report with SafeSport alleging that Foley harassed her sexually.

As per her report, Foley “coerced her into taking nude photos and later sexually assaulted her at a World Cup ski race in December 2008.”

She added, “He said he wanted to do something physical with me” after he crawled into her bed and asked to rub her back, which she initially consented to after initially feeling uncomfortable.

Lindsey Sine Nikola Age And Husband: Know Her Wikipedia Bio

Lindsey Sine Nikola has not revealed her age birthday until now.

Yet to have a Wikipedia bio, she has not shared anything about her marriage life either. For someone who has just come to the national spotlight, Lindsey has done exceptionally well to keep her private life within herself.

More details about her husband and children will be updated soon.

Peter Foley Sexual Misconduct Accusations: What Did He Do?

Former American Snowboard coach is facing multiple accusations of sexual misconduct.

According to ESPN, four women have filed a report against him until now. Three of them are Olympic players, one being an Olympic gold medalist, and a former employee, Lindsey Sine Nikola.

Moreover, Foley allegedly took naked pictures of athletes and also racially abused them. He has been under a lot of scrutinies for the last few months after an article about his alleged misconduct came out.

The former coach is no longer a part of the country’s ski and Snowboard association.