Lil Baby Wife: Is The Rapper Married?

Lil Baby has not spilled any beans about whether he has a wife or not. However, the rapper has two baby mamas named Jayda Cheaves and Ayesha Howard.

Lil Baby and Cheaves were in an on-and-off romantic relationship. She has been in several music videos of Lil Baby like “Close Friends” and “Catch the Sun. Jayda posted a story about being single on Instagram after their breakup.

In July 2021, Netizens claimed that Lil Baby and his first baby mama, Ayesha Howard, had patched things up. The whispers of reconciliation began when fans noticed that Ayesha was present for Lil Baby’s Birthday Bash concert in Atlanta. 

However, the rapper has not confirmed any details about their relationship.

Lil Baby Wife Age: How Old Is She?

Lil Baby does not have a wife, but his former girlfriends Jayda and Ayesha, are 24 and 25 years of age.

Jayda Cheaves stands above 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighs around 58 kg. She is not hesitant to flaunt her incredible and bold fashion choices to the public.

Ayesha is a gorgeous woman with 5 feet 7 inches, who has beautiful black eyes and black-colored hair. Her friends cherish Ayesha for her confident yet charming persona.

Lil Baby Wife Bio Explored

Lil Baby does not have a wife as he is not yet married, but the bio of his baby mamas is featured in several articles across the internet.

Jayda Cheaves is a social media star and entrepreneur. She is the founder and manager of an online fashion store named “AmourJayda.” Jayda graduated from high school in May of 2015.

Ayesha Howard has not revealed much about her early childhood. However, she and Lil Baby were rumored to be together back in July after Ayesha was spotted in one rapper’s show. She even posted a picture on social media with Lil Baby’s car. 

Lil Baby Wife Children

Lil Baby has two children with his baby mamas despite not having a wife.

Lil Baby and Ayesha Howard have a kid together named Jason. They have previously been linked to custody battles. However, it appears like all is good between the two.

Loyal Armani is the child of the American rapper Lil Baby and Jayda Cheaves. He was born in February 2019.

Meet Lil Baby Wife On Instagram

Neither Jayda Cheaves nor Ayesha Howard is the wife of Lil Baby, but the beautiful girls are very active on Instagram.

Jayda is an Instagram star with over 6.4 million followers on her @jaydacheaves account. Ayesha has over 463k followers on her Instagram account under the username