Who Is John Kitanovski? The Driver Is Accused of Transporting Mostafa Baluch

John Kitanovski, who was carrying away Mostafa Baluch in Northern NSW, has been arrested. Read more to know everything in detail.

Alleged drug smuggler Mostafa Baluch was arrested on Wednesday morning, 2021, while striving to enter Queensland. He was found hiding in the Mercedes Benz.

Further, the case has taken another step, and police have arrested the driver, John Kitanovski, who was seen helping the smuggler enter Queensland. Likewise, further investigation is going on regarding the case.

Who Is John Kitanovski? Mostafa Baluch Driver Accused

John Kitanovski is a driver from Queensland. Besides, he owns a trucking company named Kit Bros. As per sources, Kitanovski has been working as a director since 1996.

Furthermore, his firm has been giving worldwide cargo response for overseeing arrangements, transport, and delivery to the executives. Kitanovski was discovered to drive a truck where drug abuser Mostafa was screening.

In addition, investigations have been continuing on him, and he will be charged and punished for trying to escape a fugitive. Also, police have alleged Kitanovski that he has a connection with Mostafa in his illegal drug trading business.

Likewise, he has also been questioned if Kitanovski had transported unusual substances time and again before the incident happened, which information will be updated soon.

John Kitanovski has denied the bail at Grafton Court. He will be present in court on November 29, 2021.

John Kitanovski Arrest Details

Mostafa Baluch driver John Kitanovski was accused of transporting drug smuggler Mostafa Baluch.

Moreover, Mostafa was found hiding in the Mercedes Benz. He was trying to enter Queensland before getting seized. Baluch went missing on October 25, and after two weeks of manhunt and several attempts, he was successfully arrested.

Likewise, it is also found out that he tried to run away by giving some money to the criminal networks. Additionally, Baluch also broke his lower leg.

Furthermore, Mostafa is accused of numerous crimes, and police believed that he had ingressed to $30million valued cocaine.

How Old Is John Kitanovski?

John Kitanovski’s age is 46-47 years as of 2021 as he was born in the year 1975/1976. Currently, there is no information about his early life and family.

He recently came into the spotlight after the incident of Mostafa Baluch. So, we cannot find much about him on any of the web pages.

John Kitanovski Wikipedia Bio

John Kitanovsk doesn’t have a Wikipedia page, but some of the sites have mentioned his business profile. Further, he owns a trucking company called Kit Bros.

Moreover, more news about his personal and professional life may get featured on other websites soon as he is one of the most searched topics on the internet.