Who is Eric Stonestreet’s dad? Meet Vincent (Vince) Stonestreet

Eric Stonestreet’s father is Vincent Anthony “Vince” Stonestreet, a retail business owner. Vince was known for his generosity and hard work. He was a self-made man who believed in helping others without expecting anything in return.

Vince and Jamey courted for two years before they married, and for the next 57 years, they worked hard and raised their three children, Paul, Mauria, and Eric, staying close to their roots in Wyandotte County where Jamey shares she was, “born, bred, and wed”.

While at Kansas State University, Eric Stonestreet made his stage debut when he appeared in Prelude to a Kiss, for which he auditioned on a dare and won the smallest role.

In 2020, Eric Stonestreet appeared as a guest judge for a taping of auditions for the fifteenth season of America’s Got Talent, in place of Heidi Klum.

In 2020, Eric Stonestreet appeared in the music video for Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber’s song “Stuck with U”. Eric Stonestreet first rose to prominence in a recurring role on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.