Who Is Andrew Hotz? Warner Bros EVP Digital Marketing Returning As Google Director

Andrew Hotz is the Warner Bros Motion Picture Group’s EVP of Worldwide Digital Marketing and Chief Data Strategist.

He is the team leader, controlling all media, data, and analytics aspects. His varied professional experiences combine a background in brand marketing, a keen interest in learning how people think and behave, and knowledge of data and data platforms.

Andrew was previously the Global Head of the P&G business, and the TV Ads Lead across the Consumer Products and Healthcare industries at Google before joining WB in September 2017 as Head of Industry for Media and Entertainment. WB hired him to guide them through the ever-evolving world of digital film promotion.

In addition to “Crazy Rich Asians,” “Joker,” “A Star Is Born,” and more recently, “Godzilla vs. Kong” and “Mortal Kombat,” Andrew and his crew have been recognized for the commercial success of several movies.

Andrew Hotz: The New Google Director

Multi-talented data analyst and leader Andrew Hotz has been appointed as the new Google director in 2022.

The three pillars of Google’s primary business are search, video, and platforms. Google’s marketing technology platforms provide the foundation for advertisers’ ad buying, creative development, analytics, and measurement.

Hotz will be in charge of the division that decides how Google’s marketing technology will enter the market. His duties, which Hotz handled and oversaw when working at Warners, will be to assist Google’s advertising clients in connecting their brand and performance companies.

Andrew’s new job at Google will be in Chicago, and the entire department will be dispersed throughout the US. But it is not the first time he has worked for Google. Andrew was Google’s Head of Industry before joining Warners.

In addition to managing the connection between Google/YouTube and NBCUniversal there, he also provided studio and network advice on digital marketing initiatives, including media strategy, analytics and measurement platforms, digital creative, and partnerships. Hotz oversaw the global P&G business and contributed to Google’s TV ads division.

Andrew Hotz Wikipedia: LinkedIn & Age

Andrew Hotz’s details are not revealed in the media to protect his privacy.

His exact birthdate is unknown, and he is estimated to be in his 40s. Similarly, not even a little information about his wife or children is made public on the internet.

According to his LinkedIn page, “Andrew Hotz,” he lives in Los Angeles, California, USA. Moreover, after earning a master’s degree from Columbia Business School and a bachelor’s degree from Northwestern University, he began his producing career at DreamWorks Animation.

He has a long history of job descriptions and association with several companies. In addition, he has worked as a mentor and teacher in school before entering the corporate industry.

Furthermore, Andrew is strongly committed to developing the careers and abilities of those on his team. He is a passionate people leader. He was also the LGBTQ+ organization’s executive sponsor at Warner Bros.

Who is Andrew Hotz’s Wife?

Andrew Hotz prefers to keep his personal affairs quiet as he is a man of few words.

As he hasn’t yet made any declarations of love, it is uncertain if Hotz is wedded or dating someone.

We even looked through the internet but couldn’t find any pictures of him with a potential girlfriend. The director has probably decided to keep his life secret because he does not want the chaos of social media in his life.

Andrew Hotz’s Salary & Net Worth

As a data analyst and executive, Andrew Hotz has a net worth ranging around $5 to $10 million.

In the US, an executive vice president typically earns $134,879 yearly, plus $25,000 in profit-sharing. Since Andrew has a long experience working in the best companies, his salary must be higher.

Moreover, being an EVP of a reputed company like Warner Bros must bring in a lot of bonuses and cash options.

With his career improving, he joined Google’s Head of Industry; Hotz oversaw the partnership between Google/YouTube and NBC Universal and advised the studio and the networks on their digital marketing initiatives.

Andrew was paid a handsome but undisclosed salary for seven years at Google. Google’s Head of Industry typically earns $238,396 annually. The annual salary range for Google’s Head of Industry is $142,421 to $500,132.