Language Of Love: Who Is Akonne Wanliss? 

Akonne Wanliss is among the contestants of Language of Love backed by the show to find his soulmate. 

Apart from that, he is a well-reputed fighter. 

A gentleman with a good physique and a charming face is a UKMMAF-BAMMA National and National Amateur MMA Champion. 

Akonne Wanliss Age: How Old Is He?

Born in Jamaica, Akonne is 30-years old in 2022.

Except for fighting, his hobbies include climbing trees, backflipping off walls, eating Jaffa cakes, and being a ninja.

It is the first time for him being on TV for a show like this.  

Akonne Wanliss Height: How Tall Is He? 

His physical infrastructure comprises the height of 1.85 m pulled off by the weight of 65 kg.

He charms his audiences with his dusky complexion, shortly cut hair, and always a big bright smile on his face. 

Akonne Wanliss Wikipedia: Explore His Bio

He is unavailable on Wikipedia. 

On the other hand, there are limited online portals to deliver his information. 

In such a case, his social media platforms come handy as he owns a very engaging social media reach that covers most of him. 

Akonne Wanliss Job 

You will be surprised to know that besides Language of Love, he is a fighter and trainer. 

The compact body he has built is not just for showcasing on TV and Instagram but for the efficacy he needs to have in the ring.

Search him on YouTube to find most of his battles right in front of you.    

Find Him On Instagram

He remains turbulent in the case of social media. 

With 10.1k followers, he is under the username @akonnewanliss on Instagram. 

Furthermore, he has 1010 followers on Twitter under the user handle @J3DIAKES. 

He remains very diligent towards it, as he updates his account with newer posts every day or every other day. 

Akonne Wanliss Hometown And Family

Akonne is a native of Jamaica. And now, though his area of residence remains unexplored, his residential country is the United Kingdom. 

Similarly, there is no information regarding his family. 

Neither any portals on the Internet nor his social media has revealed that side of his private life.