Who Are Hayden Springer Daughter, Sage And Annie Springer? Wiki & Age

Hayden Springer, a PGA Tour golfer, and his wife Emma tragically lost their three-year-old daughter Sage, who had a birth-related illness. Sage was born in 2020, although she was diagnosed with Trisomy 18 shortly before reaching 26 weeks of gestation. Despite Hayden and Emma’s great desire to keep Sage alive after she was born, medical doctors they trusted cautioned that doing so would simply prolong Sage’s misery. Doctors thought she wouldn’t last more than a few hours, yet she overcame the odds and survived for an incredible three years. Sage, however, was unable to overcome the condition and died on November 13, 2023.

Emma sent a touching statement about their beloved daughter Sage Elyse, saying, “Our princess miracle girl, Sage Elyse, was eternally healed on November 13, 2023, at 7:10 pm.” She provided us with untold pleasure and happiness. Her wild and goofy soul is no longer bound by her physical body. We know she’s only getting started on the finest days of her life.” She also asked that guests at her burial wear pink in memory of Sage.

Hayden Springer Daughter: Sage and Annie Springer

Hayden and Emma Springer’s kids are Sage and Annie. Regrettably, with Sage’s recent death, they now just have Annie as a daughter. Hayden and Emma, who met in college and fell in love, married in 2019. Sage, their first daughter, was born in October 2020. At 20 weeks into Emma’s pregnancy, they got the devastating news that Sage had Trisomy 18, often known as Edward’s Syndrome, a genetic disorder with serious consequences. Despite the obstacles, the couple determined to provide Sage with the best possible care and support.

Sage amazingly lived to reach three years old before dying away. Following Sage’s difficult journey, the couple was blessed with another daughter. Annie was born in October 2023 and had her first birthday only a few months ago.

Emma Springer, Hayden Springer’s Wife, Is a Registered Nurse

Hayden’s wife, Emma Springer, graduated from the University of Texas Health Houston’s Cizik School of Nursing in 2020 and is now a registered nurse. She went to Texas Tech University, where she met Hayden during freshman year. Both were involved in the school’s golf program, and their mutual love of the sport established the foundation for their relationship. Emma was also an excellent golfer, winning multiple tournaments. Hayden then transferred to TCU for golf reasons, where he won the Big 12 tournament as a senior by outperforming Viktor Hovland.

Despite this, Emma and Hayden’s bond remained strong. They got engaged in August 2018 after dating for years. Emma tweeted her wonderful news with the phrase, “I SAID YES!!!” And that was the simplest choice I’d ever made. With this guy, a lifetime is insufficient. Following Hayden’s college graduation and the start of his professional golfing career, they married on August 2, 2019. Emma now prioritizes her family and her kid.