What is The Hellfire Club On Stranger Things? Fantasy Game and Adventure Leads To Real Problem In Hawkins

Stranger Things, a Netflix science fiction series, has brought up a new concept of Hellfire Club, which has created a high level of curiosity from the viewers.

Stranger things is one of the most popular shows on Netflix, first aired in 2016. The show focuses on the 90s around the life of teenage boys. A group of young friends witnesses supernatural forces and secret government exploits.

The show features an exciting journey as they try to find the answer. Season 4 of the show has just aired, creating a big fuss on social media. The new concept of Hellfire Club has been introduced in this edition.

What is The Hellfire Club On Stranger Things?

The new edition of the Stranger things, Hellfire Club, is an official D&D club in Hawkins High School.

The club is full of young children keen to play Dungeons and Dragons. The club has been the talk of the town lately after the show’s first episode aired.

With the show’s influence, many high school students make a group of friends who loves to play board games. Another great thing about the club is that people are very close to each other.

All the characters share a close bond. The club leader is Eddie Munson, who is responsible for all the fun of the group.

Tshirt and Merch Of The New Hellfire Club: Social Media Reaction

After the new edition of Hellfire Club, the show has also featured T-shirts and Merch on the show.

The design for Hawkins’ Hellfire Club merchandise is black sleeves on white, featuring Dungeon & Dragons symbols. On top of that, it features rolling dice, a flaming sword, a mace, and the head of a horned devil.

It has caught the eye of many viewers, and the demand for the merch is high on the market. It is likely to be this year’s version of Dustin’s trucker hat.


Where To Find The Exciting Hellfire Merchandise?

According to menshealth, the official merchandise of Hellfire Club has not been released by Stranger Things.

The demand for the shirt has been very high on the market. However, some independent retailers are selling copy versions of the merch in their stores.

You can find the copy version of the merch for 11 dollars from different online stores. Many people are buying the merch and are matching it with either Dustin’s hat or Eddie’s jacket.