What illness does Keyshia Cole have?

In a vulnerable and courageous revelation, American R&B singer Keyshia Myeshia Cole shared her ongoing battle with severe anxiety, offering fans a glimpse into her struggles and the steps she’s taking towards healing.

The singer took to her Instagram Story in May 2022 to candidly disclose her recent diagnosis and the impact it has had on her well-being.

In her heartfelt Instagram Story, Keyshia Cole expressed the relief of finally getting a few hours of sleep after grappling with severe anxiety that had not only kept her up at night but had also led her to seek medical attention in the emergency room.

“I’m so proud of getting a few hours of sleep, literally have been getting None! So not ok. SMH,” she wrote. “And have been having the worst anxiety attacks. When I can literally feel my heart hurting. Had to take myself to the emergency room. They gave me damn medicine for anxiety. I didn’t KNOW wtf was happening to me.”

This revelation isn’t the first time Keyshia Cole has shared aspects of her mental health journey. In 2019, when a fan on Twitter inquired about her experience with depression, she responded with a simple yet profound “Of course,” emphasizing the universality of mental health challenges.

By sharing her story, Keyshia Cole not only destigmatizes discussions around mental health but also serves as an inspiration to others facing similar struggles. Her transparency reflects resilience, strength, and a commitment to fostering a community of understanding and empathy.