What Happened To Shasta Groene And Where Is She Now?

Shasta Groene is an American woman who is 25 years old, she was kidnapped when she was 8 years old. Let’s learn what actually happened to Shasta and what is she doing now?

Shasta Groene suffered a huge loss when her whole family was killed by a serial killer, and she was also kidnapped by the same killer as well.

Likewise, she faced abuse and had difficulty coping with the traumatic event but she has led her life differently rather than hate getting the best of her. She has started her own family.

What Happnened To Shasta Groene? Where Is She Now?

At present, Shasta is with her husband and four children living a happy life, she is also due her fifth child which she is likely to welcome in August.

Shasta was rescued from the claws of a serial killer who killed her family. She was kidnapped and abused which also lead her to witness the death of her family members.

To enumerate, Shasta was saved when she and her kidnapper went to Denny’s diner where a server recognized her and urged authorities to rescue her.

Subsequently, it is believed that she used her empathy to connect with Duncan and made him stop at Denny’s diner which enabled her rescue.

Nevertheless, her abuser has died due to brain cancer, she stated that she has forgiven him, and moved on from her tragic past.

Shasta Groene Husband And Story

Shasta’s husband Michael is taking care of her, not much is known about him but he seems to be happy with his partner as both of them share a cognizant relationship with one another.

Shasta Groene was living with her family in Wolf Lodge Bay Area when a regular sex offender broke in and killed all of her family members including her mother, brothers, and her mother’s fiance.

The authorities have considered it to be the worst tragedy seen in Idaho. the killer was Joseph Duncan who stated that he had raped 13 younger boys when he was the age of 16.

Moreover, his violent crimes occurred in May 2005, when he stalked, surveilled, and broke into a house Groene, he tied Brenda Groene 40, mother of Shasta, tied her boyfriend Mark McKenzie 37, and tied her son Slade 13 and beat them with a hammer until their death.

Duncan then kidnapped Dylan 9, and Shasta, tortured and abused them for weeks before killing her brother Dylan. After spotting Shasha by the employees and customers in a diner, authorities were called and rescued from the serial killer.