What Happened To Number 8 a.k.a Kali Prasad In Stranger Things?

Stranger Things’ Kali Prasad, aka 8, is one of the famous characters, and people were expecting her return in Season 4. But what happened to her appearance? 

Kali Prasad, also known as Eight in Stranger Things, is a recurring character who first appeared in the second season.

When Kali was a child, she was one of many test subjects at Hawkins Lab.

She has sought vengeance for the atrocities she witnessed there since she fled.

She was also abused as a child due to her abilities.

What Happened To Number 8 aka Kali Prasad In Stranger Things?

Kali was one of the most suspenseful characters in Stranger Things’ second season.

When Netflix released the fourth season teaser, fans suspected she would appear in flashbacks.

The emphasis on the Rainbow Room was one of the most obvious signs that Kali is returning, especially since Kali and Eleven used to play there together.

But there are other signs of her in the flashback, she should have been at the point in the scene.

The first teaser showed a bleeding Magic 8-ball. Kali’s number was eight when she was in the lab, and the bloody images could be a hint of her darker side.

In the second teaser, another Magic 8-ball shot appeared with the message “Signs Point To Yes.”

This was thought to be a clear indication that Kali would return.

Why Is She Not On The New Season?

The absence of Kali from the recently released season of Stranger Things has surprised viewers.

As previously stated, based on the teasers, it was quite obvious that she would be present in it.

The debates have begun, and some speculate that it is because of problems with Linnea Berthelsen, the actress who plays the character.

This could be a possibility, but the team has not provided any clarification.

Dr. Brenner, on the other hand, was directing Eleven’s memories through the Nina Project.

He was focused on events just before Eleven broke out in Stranger Things season 1 for a simple reason.

Kali had escaped years before, using her illusion skills to fool the guards and slip past them.

Dr. Martin Brenner continued to mention her when instructing the other children, indicating that her absence was felt by the others.

Whatever the reason, the character is still very much alive and well, and she may appear in future seasons.

Who is Kali/Eight?

Kali Prasad is a former Hawkins Lab child known as 008/Eight who managed to flee before the 1979 massacre.

She first appears in season 2, and the series delves deeper into her backstory, history, and powers in season 2, episode 7, titled ‘The Lost Sister.’

Kali is a British Indian girl from London.

She was abducted at the age of five and taken to the Hawkins Lab, where Brenner included her in his experiments.

Kali appears to have been born with abilities or developed them before being brought to the lab.