What Happened To Joe Gatto On Impractical Jokers? Where Is He Now

People are wondering about Joe Gatto and his sudden absence from Impractical Jokers, and the reason behind that is his decision to separate from his wife. Joe came into the limelight because of Impractical Jokers’ immense success.

In this article, let’s look deeper into the life of Joe Gatto and why he is not in the show he started.

It is hard for any comedy fan to ignore Impractical Jokers and the Tenderloins because they are among the best comics. Impractical Jokers is among the most successful television show, which started on December 15, 2011.

He is from Long Island, and he attended Monsignor Farrell High School. It was in high school he met his fellow members of the Tenderloins. All of them were members of the high school’s Improvisation Club.

What Happened To Joe Gatto On Impractical Jokers?

Joe Gatto and his wife decided to separate from one another, and they announced that on their social media handles. The inspiring couple was together for a long time, and their decision to separate seems amicable.

The couple is blessed with two beautiful kids, daughter Milana, born in 2015, and son Remington, born in 2017. Although separated, they can be seen together having a good time with their kids.

The couple said that they will maintain a good relationship even after separation, and it looks like they are doing that. The clear reason behind their breakup has not been revealed as of now.

They can be seen posting pictures of them with kids having a good time. Fans were shocked to know that Joe and his wife Bessy were separated after being married for 8 years, since 2013.

Where Is Joe Going After Leaving The Show?

Joe announced he was leaving Impractical Joker because he wanted to focus on his personal life, but he has not announced where he will be going. The news of him leaving the show was announced on Instagram with an emotional caption.

People were sad to hear that because he was an important part of Impractical Jokers and completed them. He decided to step down from the show after deciding to separate from his wife.

In his Instagram post, he said he will focus on being a good father. Seeing his statement, it can be speculated that he did not have any problem with his fellow casts, and the only reason he decided to give up was because of his personal reason.

As of now, he has not announced anything about his new project and neither has he spoken about him having any such plans.

Joseph Anthony Gatto -A Star Comedian

Joe’s full name is Joseph Anthony Gatto. From a young age, he was into comedy, and he found friends with a similar passion. With those friends, he made a comedy group called The Tenderloins.

The Tenderloins came into the limelight with their success from the popular show Impractical Jokers. They are seen as the best comics in the country because their show was an instant hit.

Many might remember them from the It’s Your Show competition for the sketch “Time Thug,” where they won a massive $100,000 grand prize.

People can find Joseph on Instagram under the handle name joe_gatto, where he has more than 1.9 million followers.