What Happened To Courtney Gilmour? Fans Worried About Her Eye Injury

Comedian Courtney Gilmour was born a triple amputee. She was born without both arms and one leg. Does she have any problem with her eye? Is she injured? Let’s find out.

The comedian appeared on Canada’s Got Talent 2022 and performed very well. After her audition and semifinal performances, judges selected her for the finals. She finished as a finalist in the competition which was eventually won by the singer Jeanick Fournier.

What Happened To Courtney Gilmour? Eye Injury And Disability

Apart from her congenital deficiency, Courtney Gilmour does not seem to have any problem with her health. The rumor surrounding her eye injury does not contain any facts.

Courtney was born a triple amputee; one leg and both her arms were missing since her birth. However, she did not let her disability be an excuse and carried on with her life and career and excelled in it.

The stand-up comedian’s most of the routines center around her disability and the fact that she was born with the defects. She is not the one to grieve and be hopeless in life. Rather, she is an inspiring personality with a ton of determination and talent.

Gilmour has successfully performed in different venues across North America. She is also the finalist of the 2022 Canada’s Got Talent.

Where Is Courtney Gilmour Now?

Courtney Gilmour recently appeared on the CTV daytime talk series The Social, where she spoke about sports and shared her thoughts on the all-white dress of Wimbledon.

The 35-year-old comedian also regularly performs in different venues all over Canada. Her popularity and appeal have been growing as the days pass by. Her performances on Camada’s Got Talent have surely made fans all across the world.

Based in Toronto, Ontario, Courtney performs in various public and private performing venues. She has performed for many high-profile events such as SheDot Festival, All Jane Comedy Festival, NXNE Festival, Ashley Comedy Festival, and many other events and venues.

Learn More About Courtney Gilmour Work Experiences

Courtney Gilmour graduated from the University of Windsor with a Bachelor’s degree in Arts in 2007. She has a lot of experience under her belt.

Gilmour worked as an Event Coordinator Assistant at the Multicultural Council of Windsor and Essex County. She also worked as a content writer at Winsdor Woman Inc and Transcontinental Media.

Also, Courtney has worked as a copywriter at and a food and culture writer at Toronto City Gossip. She was also the social media writer at Optimize Capital Markets and a writer at Fleek’d.

Courtney is on Instagram as @courtneyjgilmour and is followed by 5.7K people.