What does Fetty Wap stand for?

On June 7, 1991, Willie Junior Maxwell, better known as Fetty Wap, was born. His smash song, “Trap Queen,” helped him establish himself as a household name.

He is an American musician and rapper. Millions of times were then spent listening to the music on SoundCloud. From a very young age, rapping and singing were his great passions.

With the help of the popular song, he reached new heights and received more than a dozen nominations, including one for a Grammy.

His contribution to music has been acknowledged by several prize juries. Join us today as we honor him.

What does Fetty Wap stand for?

“Fetty is cash… Gucci Mane’s [nickname] Guwop is the parent of Wap. In an interview with Global Grind, Fetty reveals that “Fetty” is slang for cash and “Wap” is a reference to his hero, the Alabama rapper Gucci Mane, also known as “Guwop.”