What Disability Does Lumene Montissol Have? Everything To Know

What Disability Does Lumene Montissol Have?

Lumene Montissol has an intellectual disability and is a part of the Special Olympics. Montissol is a Special Olympics athlete from Boston who got the moniker “Lightning” in high school while competing in the Boston City Track Championships.  

She now uses her speed to help her soccer and basketball teams thrive, while also racing track in the spring. She participates with the Milton Quincy local program every year and has been working hard throughout the epidemic to come out stronger and quicker!

Lumene joined the Revolution Unified Team in 2017 and has been an energetic presence on the squad ever since, in games. And in New England events such as the annual Special Olympics ‘Bowl for a Goal.’

Her moniker, ‘Lightning,’ represents not just her quickness on the field, but also her contagious joyful attitude.

Montissol, a member of the Revs’ Unified squad, also plays basketball and track, winning 12 gold medals to date.

She was surprised on ‘Good Morning America’ on June 9, 2021, with the news that she will have the opportunity to compete in the 2022 Special Olympics USA Games in Orlando, Florida. Montissol’s reaction, which included her arms lifted and cries of pleasure, says it all.

“This indicates that my dream has come true.” I’m overjoyed since I’ve been waiting for this dream for a long time. “I’m grateful and overjoyed,” Montissol remarked.

The 26-year-old offers her greatest advice to anyone pursuing their ambitions. “Keep believing in yourself, train hard, and be proud of who you are,” Montissol said.

The Special Olympics, namely the Revolution Unified team, have had a significant impact on Montissol’s life, transforming her into the confident young lady she is today.

“Before the Special Olympics, I had no one to talk to,” Montissol explained. “It’s a little lonely, and no one wants to talk to you because you’re different.”

But, since joining Special Olympics, I’ve been more outgoing with people. It gives me a good feeling. It gives me a lot of confidence to interact with other individuals.”

Montissol will compete in the 2022 Special Olympics USA Games from June 5 to June 12. She is an inspiration to all those who whine about their circumstances rather than pursuing their dreams.

In addition to her playing experience, Lumene has served as an ambassador for Special Olympics, addressing events on television. Lumene was joined on stage by Special Olympics Chairman Tim Shriver in 2019 at a college recreation conference in Boston, where they talked to nearly 2,000 individuals.

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Lumene Montissol Parents And Nationality

Lumene Montissol was born to her parents in mattapan. She holds an American nationality and prefers to keep her personal life away from the public media. 

She attended UMass Boston as well as Dorchester Academy. According to her website, she took Creative Writing and Piano in her first semester of college.

She then studied World Music in the second semester. Montissol joined the high school track team at school and finished second in the city championship.

She began an internship with Mass Advocates for Children in 2013 after hearning a lot about the challenges parents who want their children to attend college face.

Montissol, now a member of the New England Revolution Unified Team, says she feels at home on the soccer pitch. Lumene, who was a timid kid growing up, says soccer gives her confidence. Lumene has made it her duty to play since joining the squad.

Lumene Montissol Is An Athlete Ready To Compete In Special Olympics 2022

Lumene Montissol, called “Lightning” for her speed on the soccer and track grounds, is currently fulfilling her ambition of competing in the Special Olympics. 

She is lauded for her determination and commitment to making her goal a reality. Robin Roberts, the anchor of Good Morning America surprise her by presenting her with a bespoke @GMA jacket.

“If you’ve followed the path of the #NERevs @SpOlympicsMA Unified Team in recent years, you’ve certainly heard of Lumene “Lightning” Montissol. She is an absolute rockstar and one of the most motivated athletes I’ve ever encountered,” says Jeff Lemieux, an editor for NERevs.

“I love watching her get the accolades she deserves!”

We wish her all the best for her upcoming endeavors.