What did James Anthony Cohen do? Charges against Brevard County school teaching assistant explored

The Brevard Region Sheriff’s Office has reported the capture of a worker from Brevard District State funded Schools on charges of having kid erotic entertainment.

James Anthony Cohen, 35, was arrested on Tuesday, May 23, and accused of 10 counts of having material portraying the s*xual execution of a kid, as revealed by Law&Crime.

Cohen filled in as an educational collaborator for extraordinary requirements understudies at Tropical Grade School and stood firm on a footing at KinderCare youngster care. At the point when the case unfurled, he was put on semi-voluntary vacation and was quickly suspended from his job following the capture.

Brevard Region Sheriff Wayne Ivey, in a Facebook live video, called the revelations profoundly disrupting and exceptionally loathsome, underscoring that the pictures portrayed the upsetting demonstrations of restricting and attacking children.

Cohen was captured after policing a digital tip from the Public Place for Absent and Took advantage of Youngsters (NCMEC), detailing the transferring of kid s*xual misuse material by a person nearby.

The examination started with data given by the network access supplier, which drove specialists to a home in Melbourne constrained by Cohen and his dad.

A court order was executed on May 18 at Cohen’s home, where police held onto two workstations, four PDAs, and two tablets.

On one of those gadgets, delegates found 170 recordings and 10 pictures portraying youngsters and babies, as per a public statement.

During a meeting at his work environment, Cohen supposedly conceded that the identifiers referenced in the digital tip were his, and admitted to survey the pictures. Be that as it may, he professed to have erased them.

Sheriff Ivey likewise expressed that extra charges would be documented against Cohen. The 35-year-old suspect has been set up for the Brevard Province Prison Complex, where he is being held without bond. At this point, no preliminary date has been planned for his case.

Brevard District Sheriff, Wayne Ivey in a Facebook live video portrayed the material as nauseating, revolting, unequivocally underhanded and said:

“In my 42 years of policing, don’t think I’ve at any point viewed anything as upsetting as the recordings that we have recuperated as a feature of this case.”

“That is the sort of video this individual was in a real sense getting a charge out of watching. Individuals like him ought not be permitted to stroll among us.” Sheriff Ivey likewise condemned Range, Cohen’s web access supplier, for requiring a very long time to give the summoned data. He communicated disappointment with the deferral, expressing that it put blameless youngsters’ lives in danger.

As per Brevard Province Sheriff Wayne Ivey, Cohen was utilized by the school region in 2022 following a record verification, which uncovered no critical criminal history with the exception of a driving charge.