What Are Scott Bakula (Quantum Leap & Star Trek Actor) Age And Height 

Scott Bakula has been described as one of the most likable leading men on TV and the reason is not farfetched. In a career spanning multiple decades, the mercurial actor has endeared himself to audiences with several memorable roles, including the role of the time-traveling physicist, Dr. Sam Beckett, on the Sci-fi series, Quantum Leap.

Bakula is also famous for his portrayal of Captain Jonathan Archer on the cult series, Star Trek: Enterprise. His roles in both shows have fetched the actor several accolades including one Golden Globe award. Discover more about the TV star including information on his age and height.

How Old Is Scott Bakula?

Scott Stewart Bakula was born on the 9th of October 1954 in St Louis, Missouri. His father’s name is J. Stewart while his mother’s name is Sally. The actor also has two younger siblings namely Brad and Linda.

Bakula grew up in St Louis and attended the local high school. On completing his diploma, he headed off to college intent on becoming a lawyer. He, however, did not find much joy in his studies and boldly decided to move to New York to pursue an acting career. In the Big Apple, Bakula landed roles in several Broadway and off-Broadway productions. He later followed one of these productions to Hollywood.

On getting to Los Angeles, Scott Bakula garnered appearances on several short-lived TV series. He finally landed his well-deserved breakthrough in 1989 on the NBC sci-fi series, Quantum Leap. In the series, Bakula portrayed the lead role of Sam Beckett, a time-traveling physicist who is stuck in the past. Beckett tries to get back to his era but finds himself landing in different periods. He, therefore, spends his time-altering past events for the better. Quantum Leap ran from 1989 to 1993, and Bakula appeared in 97 episodes of the show. His excellent performance earned him four consecutive Emmy nominations for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series. He also received one Golden Globe Award for Best Actor in a TV series (Drama).

In 1981, Scott Bakula got married to the actress, Krista Neumann and they later had two children together – Chelsy and Cody. Sadly, the couple went their separate ways in 1995. Then in 2005, the American actor tied the knot with Chelsea Field, an actress known for her role as Teela in 1987’s Masters of the Universe. Scott and Chelsea have two children together – Owen and Wil.

Detailed Look At His Career

Since his breakthrough on Quantum Leap, Scott Bakula has gone on to acquire an impressive filmography comprising of several TV shows and movies. On the small screen, he has appeared in Mr & Mrs Smith, Murphy Brown, Chuck, Men of a Certain Age, Desperate Housewives, Looking, Star Trek: Enterprise, and NCIS: New Orleans, among others.

NCIS: New Orleans is one of the spinoffs in the NCIS franchise, and revolves around a fictional team of Naval Criminal Investigative Services agents based in New Orleans. The series features impressive cast members including CCH Pounder, Lucas Black and Scott Bakula who portrays the role of Dwayne Pride, the special agent in charge of the team. NCIS: New Orleans debuted in 2014 and Bakula has thus far appeared in every season of the show.

On the big screen, Bakula has featured in movies such as Sibling Rivalry, Necessary Roughness, Color of Night, Major League: Back to the Minors, Elsa & Fred, Enter the Dangerous Mind, and The Informant!

Despite his on-screen success, Scott Bakula has also not forgotten his theatrical roots. He remains an active stage actor and has appeared in productions such as Guys and Dolls, Dancing in the Dark, Quality of Life, No Strings, Nite Club Confidential, Terrible Advice, and Shenandoah.

What Is Scott Bakula’s Height?

The Quantum Leap star is 5 feet 11 ¾ inches tall and his weight is given as 78kg. Bakula maintains an admirable physique for someone of his age, and this is due to his active lifestyle. The actor first fell in love with sports when he was in high school. He played tennis and soccer and lettered in both sports.

Bakula still hangs on to his love of sports till this day. He runs four times each week and each run is at least 45 minutes long. The actor also participates in local races and has even completed two marathons – the San Diego Marathon, in 2004, and the L.A. Marathon in 2005.