Wayne Newton Children: Meet Lauren Ashley Newton, Erin Newton

Wayne Newton, the legendary entertainer known as Mr. Las Vegas, is not just a sensation on stage but a devoted father to two remarkable daughters, Erin and Lauren.

Erin Newton: The Oldest Daughter

At 42 years old, Erin holds the distinction of being Wayne’s firstborn, arriving in July 1976 during his marriage to Elaine Okamura.

The couple, who exchanged vows in 1968 at the iconic Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas, shared a life together until their paths diverged, leading to their divorce in 1985. Despite the challenges that led to their separation, the memories of their wedding day endure, creating a special connection to the historic Flamingo Hotel.

Lauren Ashley Newton: A Joyful Addition

Lauren, the younger of the two sisters, brought new joy to Wayne’s life. Born in 2002, she is the product of Wayne’s second marriage to Kathleen McCrone.

Wayne’s commitment to family shines through, demonstrating that the stage is not the only place where he finds comfort and joy. His journey of love and fatherhood continues to be a source of inspiration, reflecting the enduring importance of family in his heart.

As he continues to impact audiences with his music, his role as a loving father remains a cherished and central aspect of his legacy.