Was Winsome Sears Daughter In An Accident? Virginia Lt. Governor’s Family Tragedy Remembered Over Her Texas Speech

Virginia Lt. Governor Winsome Earle Sears’ daughter passed away in a tragic car accident on June 5, 2012. Let’s find out about Winsome and her daughter in this article.

Winsome Sears is a Jamaican-born American politician who currently serves as Virginia’s 42nd lieutenant governor.

Sears also served on the Virginia Board of Education and ran unsuccessfully for the United States House of Representatives in Virginia’s third congressional district in 2004 and the United States Senate in 2018.

She was elected lieutenant governor of Virginia in 2021 as Glenn Youngkin’s running mate.

Winsome is Virginia’s first female lieutenant governor, as well as the state’s first woman of color and Jamaican-born American citizen elected to statewide office.

Was Winsome Sears Daughter In An Accident?

Winsome Sears’ daughter, DeJon, and her two young granddaughters, Victoria and Faith, were killed in a car accident in 2012.

Winsome’s return to politics comes in the aftermath of a personal tragedy. Sears says she returned to politics because she wanted to affect change.

Winsome Sears Children

American politician Winsome Sears is the mother of three daughters.

Katia E, Janel C, and DeJon are the names of Winsome’s daughter. She and her family lived in Winchester in 2016.

Winsome’s daughter, DeJon, was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, and she stopped taking her medication at the age of 27. DeJon’s car collided with another vehicle, causing an accident in which she died.

Winsome Sears Husband Terence Sears

Terence Sears is the husband of Winsome Sears. Terence is said to be the owner of Shenandoah Appliance Plumbing & Electric, a plumbing and electrical company.

The couple reportedly met when they were young and have been together ever since. Sears and Terence are devout Christians who live in Winchester, Virginia.

Learn More About Winsome Sears

Winsome was born on March 11, 1964, in Kingston, Jamaica, and immigrated to the United States when she was six years old.

She grew up in New York City’s Bronx. Sears graduated from Tidewater Community College with an A.A., Old Dominion University with a B.A. in English and a minor in economics, and Regent University with an M.A. in organizational leadership.

From 1983 to 1986, Sears served as an electrician in the United States Marine Corps. She ran a homeless shelter before running for office.