Virginia Hankins

Virginia Hankins is a Hollywood actress, archery expert, and a stunt coordinator from California. She is a modern-day knight as she is often quoted as a woman of outstanding athletic abilities. She is a red-headed knight and is often associated with the character “Brida”.

She studied at the University of Southern California and learned horsemanship skills there with the school’s horse mascot. Before turning 18 she was often considered as an outcast by the society because of her ginger hair.

Her role as Joan of Arc in “Deadliest Warrior season 3” gave her the most media recognition. 

Name Virginia Hankins
Gender Female
Height 5 Feet 8 Inches
Weight 115 lbs
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Youtube virginiahankins
Facebook Virginia Hankins


10 Facts on Virginia Hankins

  1. Virginia Hankins is a trained horseback rider and a professional archer. Her Information relating to age and birthday is not available on the internet.
  2. Hankins doesn’t have her Wikipedia page. However, she has a youtube channel named Virginia Hankins She is skilled withy mounted and dismounted weapons, archery, quarterstaff, crossbow, swords, rifles, handguns, etc.
  3. She is famous for portraying Joan of Arc in Spike TV’s hit show Deadliest Warrior season 3 and Shot to thrill. She has also performed acting and stunts in several music videos, films, commercials, and theatres.
  4. Virginia Hankins stands tall with a height of 5 feet 8 inches. Her body looks average built and has a slim figure.
  5. Information relating to Virginia Hankins’s married or dating life is unknown. So, she might not have a boyfriend or husband as of 2020. 
  6. She realized her natural ability with shooting weapons in her childhood. She later went on to train under her long time coach, John Norberg during her time at USC.  She was the first “lady night and jouster” in the renaissance pleasure fair, Irwindale, California.
  7. She was bullied at school because of her hair when she was young but when she got older she was appreciated because of the same ginger hair.
  8. Virginia doesn’t have her Instagram account to date. However, She has a private Facebook page that is inaccessible to the general population.
  9. She is the author of the book “Be a Real-Life Mermaid” which is available online. 
  10. She is also skilled in underwater modeling and stunt skills as she works as a professional mermaid.