Unfired round found near scene of Debbie Collier’s murder in Georgia

An unfired ammo round was gathered by Georgia examiners from a lush region close to where Debbie Collier’s to some degree exposed and consumed body was tracked down recently.

The shot was found by Fox News Computerized on Tuesday 20-30 yards from the crime location in the Chattahoochee-Oconee Public Timberland close to Athens, Georgia.

Investigators from the Habersham Province Sheriff’s Office answered the scene and got the shot.

They told the news site that while the round could be inconsequential to Collier’s homicide, it may as yet be a sign.

Collier, 59, was tracked down dead in a gorge on Sept. 11 after she Venmoed her girl $2,385 alongside a chilling message that read: “they won’t let me go, love you.”

Examiners later unveiled that Collier’s passing was not a self destruction, and that there is no proof to propose that she had been grabbed.

They were anticipating the aftereffects of Collier’s post-mortem examination to decide how she died.

Recently, observation video from a Family Dollar store in Clayton showed Collier looking quiet while shopping there for a blue covering, a lighter, a handbag and a downpour rain coat a day prior to she was viewed as dead.

Fourteen days after Collier was found with consumes on her midsection, cops actually have not named a suspect or an individual of interest.

The lady’s little girl, Amanda Bearden, and the little girl’s live-in sweetheart, Andrew Giergerich, who both have a past filled with aggressive behavior at home claims, told The Post they had been grilled by analysts and had their telephones seized.

On Tuesday, Giergerich told Fox News Advanced that he and Bearden were not associated with Collier’s homicide, and asserted that they have been living in dread.

“We lay down with stuff before our front entryway and our indirect access since we had nothing to do with this,” he told the power source. “We’re a little frightened ourselves.”

The Habersham District sheriff is supposed to hold a press preparation about the case at 9 a.m. Friday.