Traveling Is What Hunter King and Her Boyfriend Andy McNeil Do Best

Hunter King showed off her new boyfriend, Andy McNeil, and signed a multi-gem deal with Hallmark.

The artist known for portraying Adriana Masters on Hollywood Heights is reaching new highs in her career after her one-in-a-lifetime contact with Hallmark Media. She is new to the holiday scenes, making her debut with the original movie Hidden Gems early this year.

After the overwhelming response from the audience, she returned with Nikki & Nora: Sister Sleuths and the upcoming A Royal Corgi Christmas, premiering on November 25.

Executive Vice President Lisa Hamilton Daly went on record to talk about her extraordinary presence, bringing up her spark and the life she brings to each role.

They recognized her as a fantastic addition to the Hallmark family and remained adamant that viewers would get charmed by her performance in their latest project.

Hunter King Is Now Dating Andy McNeil, and She Looks Happier

Hunter King is dating boyfriend Andy McNeil, and their social media has it all.

There seems to be a new love interest for actress Hunter King, as she looked visibly happier after dating Andy McNeil.

The Young & Restless alum is currently having rendezvous with a fitness hunk as he works for Filmless, a company centered on video production with animators who help clients bring their creative ideas to life using state-of-the-art 2D and 3D animation software.

Although they have been dating for a couple of months, their chemistry is undeniable, as he truly holds the key to her heart. Making sacrifices is significant for the sake of his relationship as he comprised his sleep and time to accommodate her schedules.

Hunter King And Andy McNeil Made Their Relationship Public In July 2022

It had been a while since actress Hungtr King talked about a potential love interest and suddenly posted about her adventurous date with Andy McNeil.

In July, the pair visited the Disney California Adventure Park, where they played every ride. Their hairs flew in the wild as they spotted matching grins.

After the day ended on a happy note, they went to their respective room and put on a video call to eat dinner together. It did not take a genius to guess their relationship status, as the blushing giggles and longing grazes were proof enough that they were dating.

Hunger King Made A Video Collage Of Their Travels.

When people were forgetting about Hunger King having a new love interest, she hit back with an adorable video collage of their vacations. The couple returned from a ski resort in Whistler, Canada, as they filmed the experience from the first-person point of view.

After spending a couple of days shivering from the cold, they ventured off to Porteau Cove Provincial Park, where they baked under the bright sun and had enough fresh lakes and thriving flora and fauna.

As their precious moments were too many to put together in one Instagram post, she made a collage with the best beats, with the tune of Shut Up And Dance With Me by Walk The Moon playing in the background.

Hunter King And Andy McNeil Overtook Europe With Their Adorableness.

The next phase of travels for new couple Hunter King and Andy McNeil took them to Europe as they arrived in Dublin, Ireland, in late September. The cold weather kept them indoors, as they warned their bodies by cozying up in bars.

With the determination of sightseeing, they got wrapped in their puffiest coat and visited the seaside as the audience commented on their adorable height difference. They also claimed the Cliffs of Moher Experience as their hearts melted after watching the mesmerizing scenery.

By October, they had crossed to Edinburgh, Scotland, as they voyaged the historical monuments wearing the kilt. The bagpipes tunes got imprinted into their minds and souls as Hunter joked about wanting to learn the instrument in her downtime.

Meanwhile, Andy talked about working a hundred-hour week to make time for a quick trip with his lady love. Being fans of the Harry Potter Franchise, it became customary to visit the birth of the magical story, visiting the castle that inspired Hogwarts.

Andy McNeil Posted An Adorable Picture Of Hunter King On Instagram

The unconventional pairing of Andy and Hunter is unlike other Hollywood couples as they share every happy memory on their social media. They are not shy to flaunt their adoration as he goes on his handles to expose her as a puppy lover.

After the trailer release of the Hallmark Channel original A Royal Corgi Christmas, we made the connection that he was present during the filming session. He also added her birthday wishes, naming their trips from Paris to Vancouver to Ireland to Disneyland as the best time of his life.

She was his best adventure partner as they had fun no matter the event, with random dance parties, House Hunters marathons, or petting every puppy they found. He was not shy to admit that her sense of humor made him pee laughing and declared his love for his girlfriend.

Hunter King’s Past Relationship With Nico Svobod

It was surprising to hear that Hunter King has been in love in the past, as she even got engaged to her then-boyfriend, Nico Svoboda.

News of their dating broke in July 2016 when he worked as a cameraman on Y&R. Her career became a hindrance when he did not kiss her on the first date because she had a steaming scene the next day.

Indeed, she feared he would never ask her out again, but fate always finds a way. They eventually overcame the awkward phase and name-dropped each other in interviews as they worked in the same industry. She had nothing but praise for him, as they were best friends and most comfortable in each other arms.

In 2018, people woke up to the happy news of her saying yes to his engagement proposal. The then 24-year-old took to Instagram to express her happiness as she believed she was about to marry the man of her dreams.

She recalled the 24 hours after the popping question being the best day of her life as the surprise beach proposal was straight out of her fantasy.

Indeed, her then-fiance had her family and sister be attendees as they all gathered for an impromptu photoshoot.

Why Did Hunter King’ Split With Former Flame Nico Svoboda?

When people were wondering about Hunter King’s wedding with finance Nico Svoboda, they came with the horrifying news of their separation. It had been two years since the magical proposal when they amicably split.

In February, the pair were looking for the perfect location to hold their wedding as the constant limitations of caterers and vendors were causing a rift.

Soon some eagle eyes fans realized that she had stopped wearing her engagement ring, thus igniting a wave of questions coming their way.

After two years of planning the perfect wedding, they forever parted ways in August 2021.