Tiktok Star Eman Sami Maghdid Shot To Death By Brother Over Crop Tops, Honor Killing Update

Eman Sami Maghdid was a popular Tiktok star who was shot and killed two days before International Women’s Day. 

The term honor-killing emerged on social media a few months ago when an Iranian Man named Sajjan Heydari brutally killed his wife, alleging that she ran away from home. The incident had shaken everyone around the world.

And the similar incident has occurred in Iraq this time. A TikToker named Eman Sami Maghdid has been reported to be killed in the name of honor-killing by her brother.

Who Was Eman Sami Maghdid?

Eman Sami Maghdid was a famous Tiktoker who had 60.2 k followers on the platform. She was found dead in the Kurdish capital late Sunday night, two days before International Women’s Day.

Based on the news reports, her brother killed her, who believed that she violated traditional Islamic customs by wearing crop tops and a crucifix. In addition, her social media photographs and videos defied the community’s beliefs as per the conservative society of Iraq.

Sources revealed that she uploaded photographs of herself with cigarettes, videos in which she expressed herself aloud, and images of herself wearing crop tops, all of which are deemed unfit and despised by the majority of the Kurdish society.

The majority of the people clapped for her courage, whereas some criticized her. A user said that you would be dead if you tried to be different in Kurdistan. People worldwide were shocked and saddened by her death news.

Since her murder took place a few days before Women’s day, several events, seminars, and local bazaars were arranged to commemorate women in Erbil.

While some people who strictly keep their beliefs in their tradition did not express any sadness over her demise. Some even commented using a clap emoji under her posts.

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Iran Tiktok Star, Eman Sami Maghdid Shot To Death By Brother Over Crop Tops

Eman Sami Maghdid was shot to death by her brother over crop tops. Police have revealed that she was shot eight or nine times.

The accused is said to be just 17 years old and was taking shelter in another person’s home after killing his sister. The murderer and the person who gave him shelter have been arrested.

Many women have fallen victim to the hands of gender-based violence that is prevalent in the Kurdistan region. Many women suffer from sexual assault, domestic violence, honor violence, underage marriages, and female genital mutilation.

Moreover, at least ten other women in Erbil, Sulaimani, Duhok, and Koya have been murdered since the start of the year. As mentioned in Rudaw, earlier last week, a mother of ten was allegedly murdered in Duhok’s Khanke camp.

Likewise, another lady, who was married off at an early age, was set on a flame by her husband late last month in Sulaimani. Despite several efforts, women are becoming victims of honor-killing.