The Australian Actor Ernie Dingo Has Had A Career Spanning Decades, How Rich Is He Now?

Ernie Dingo has accumulated a net worth not exceeding $15 million. Ernie made this through his multiple careers.

Ernie Dingo, 66, is a multi-talented actor, TV presenter, comedian, and teacher. Also, he is a promoter originating from the Tamatji people of the Murchison region, which is in Western Australia. He is a popular figure on Australian television.

Ernie rose to prominence after he performed n the ‘Welcome to Country’ ceremony in Perth in the year 1976, collaborating with Richard Walley.

Born on 31st July 1956, Ernie Dingo is the second of nine children born to his parents. He spent his early life with his three brothers and five sisters in Western Australia, Australia.

Ernie Dingo leads a single life at present. Previously, he was married to his ex-wife, Sally Butler, in 1989. The duo is blessed with a daughter, Carrleen. They are also the grandparents to their two grandchildren through their daughter. He is also the father of twin boys in 2015.

Ernie Dingo House and Real Estate Details

Today, Ernie Dingo lives in a lavish house, and he is also involved in the real estate business. He has a lavish mansion in Australia. The house also has a swimming pool inside. The actor is tremendously rich as he is making his money through multiple sources of wealth.

He has several real estate properties in his name. Similarly, he is also fond of cars, and he also possesses cars. He lives his life to the fullest.

5 Ways Ernie Dingo Makes His Money


A famed Australian actor, Ernie Dingo, has made quite a good fortune from his acting career as he has been in the industry since 1976, and he is still active in the field.

During his career work, he has appeared in a number of movies and TV series, and also he has received huge recognization throughout the world.

Starting his acting career in the early 1980s, he made his film debut in ‘Tudawali’ which was next, followed by ‘The Fringe Dwellers’ in 1987.

He is known for his cast as Charlie in Crocodile Dundee II, as Uncle Tadple in Bran Nue Dae, as Burt in Until the End of the World, and as himself in Redfern Now. His other movies in which he starred include Capuccino, and Somewhere in the Darkness.

His career earnings and salary from his acting career are still a mystery. However, he is satisfied with his earnings.

TV Presenter

Along with acting, he is also a TV presenter. He is a very talented personality. Appearing on television as a presenter, he has collected a coom sum of income.

TV presenter Ernie Dingo hosted the TV program ‘The Great Outdoors’ (1993-2009) for 16 years. In addition to this, he narrated the Indigenous segment of the 2000 Olympic Games. He can be seen as a celebrity performer on the celebrity singing competition reality show “It Takes Two.”

Moreover, he hosted the first series of ‘No Leave, No Life’ and also hosted the travel show ‘Going Places with Ernie Dingo’. As a host, he receives a cool sum of money.


The actor and TV presenter Ernie Dingo also uses the comedy platform to make money doing various stand-up comedy shows, writing comedy scripts, and more.

With his comedy personality, he has turned the audience’s serious mood into a funny mood convincingly. He is a highly effective communicator as well. He has a huge collection of funny punch lines. He has been able to engage and entertain audiences through his skills, arts, and language.

Viewers can see his role in the international comedy blockbuster Crocodile Dundee II in 1988 and in the 1989 comedy Capuccino. Likewise, the comedian can be seen in the Channel 7 sketch comedy TV show ‘Fast Forward’ (1989-1992).

Promoter and Teacher

Ernie is a designated Australian National Living Treasure. He promoted Generation One ‘Hand Across Australia’ as Australia’s National Living Treasure. As a teacher, he speaks and teaches the Wadjarri language. He spoke of his pride in his Aboriginal heritage.


Ernie Dingo is a celebrated writer. As a writer, he is the author of the book GREAT JOURNEYS OF THE WORLD. The book is based on the ABC TV Series. He is making a good amount of money publishing a book as well.

On the other side, his ex-wife, sally Dingo has authored two books about Ernie Dingo and her family. The books entitled ‘Ernie Dingo: King of the Kids and Dingo’ and ‘The Story of our Mob’ in 1997.

What Is Ernie Dingo Net Worth?

Ernie Dingo is a millionaire. He made his fortune based on his earnings from various sources.

Gaining fame with his performance of ‘Welcome to Country,’ he stepped his feet in the entertainment industry and achieved huge success with his role in films and TV shows.

Not only this but also, he is recognized for his television work. During his career timeline, the actor has worked with renowned personalities. He began to make make money through his roles, and his net worth also started to rise with the passage of time.

His exact net worth figure remains obscure. He has come on a long career journey in the entertainment industry, which has provided him the great fortune to live a lavish lifestyle.

He is available on Facebook under the username @erniedingoofficial. He has a fan base of over 6.6K. Likewise, his Twitter account (@Ernie_Dingo) has over 1K followers.

As per his LinkedIn profile, Ernie is currently working as a performer regarding Cultural Sustainability in Ernie Dingo Pty Ltd since July 1956.

Today, he has a net worth of millions of dollars thanks to his successful profession. Ernie might also be involved in different other ventures.