Sophia Turner Youtuber Net Worth, How Much Is Derek Deso’s Wife Making A Year?

Sophia Turner is a salon owner and social media star. The social media influencer rose in prominence after her relationship with another famous Youtuber, Derek Deso.

Along with being a social media personality, she is also a certified eyelash artist and hairdresser.

She manages her own official YouTube channel with her name, where she has more than 73.6K subscribers and a total of more than 2.49 million views. She also manages an official Instagram account with close to 168K followers and a TikTok account with over 386.3K followers.

Turner was born in the United States of America between 1989 and 1991, so her age can be estimated to be between 31 and 33. She was a Christian from her birth. Her Instagram bio states that she was born on March 17th. The fashion business has attracted her since she was a kid. She started working on her fashion company after completing her studies.

Sophia Turner Youtuber Net Worth- Her Earnings As A Web Star

Sophia Turner has an estimated net worth of more than $500K throughout her career as a social media star, owner of a hair saloon, hair stylist, and eyelash artist.

Sophia established herself in the beauty industry as a hairdresser and eyelash artist before becoming a social media sensation. She then opened her salon. The Youtuber advertised her company on Instagram under the username “_lashedbysophia.”

Turner started her fashion career as a fashion enthusiast. Sophia has previously worked as a hairdresser. After a time, she began working as a model for various well-known brands.

In 2019, she started her YouTube career. Sophia and her boyfriend Derek began by making YouTube prank videos.

In July 2019, she launched her own YouTube account and began posting humorous prank videos and clips. Her YouTube account has around 73.5K followers as of August 2022.

Her first YouTube video, titled “My Very First Youtube Video (Q&A),” was posted on July 13, 2019. She’s also been seen in a few of Derek Deso’s YouTube videos.

How Much Does Derek Deso’s Wife Sophie Turner Make In A Year?

Sophie Turner earns more than 30K from her YouTube channel with over 73.5K subscribers and nearly 2.50 million views. However, her income from the social platform can fluctuate along with her video upload frequency.

Nevertheless, her overall earnings are much more than that which various other sources of income like her own hair saloon and promotion of products.

According to influencermarketinghub, Google gives the publisher 68% of their AdSense earnings or $68 for every $100 an advertisement spends. An advertiser’s exact prices vary, ranging from $0.10 to $0.30 per view but averaging at $0.18. So per 1,000 ad views, the YouTube channel may often earn $18. This comes from $3 to $5 for every 1000 views on a video.

Her career as a YouTuber was highly influenced by her partner Derek Deso, another prominent social media star.

In early 2019, Sophia Turner began a romantic relationship with Derek Deso. After a few months of dating, they took the next step and got engaged, finally getting married at a small marriage ceremony on September 12, 2020. They also posted the video titled “Derek & Sophia – The Official Deso Wedding.” In addition, Derek adopted her former relationship’s son Quincy.

Youtuber Sophie Turner Seems Content With What She Has And Her Current Lifestyle

Youtuber Sophie Turner seems content with her lifestyle as a mother, a loving wife, and a successful social media star.

She is well established and is earning a good income from various sources; she is a hairdresser, eyelash artist, saloon owner, and a Youtuber.

The Youtuber shares a lot of pictures and posts with her husband and son. The social media influencer uploads videos of her pranking her husband, makeup tutorials, and daily life vlogs.

Turner is doing what she loves the most and earning good money from it. So, she indeed is delighted with her lifestyle. She seems to love traveling and is seen with her husband on trips and vacations.