Regina Daniels And Other Nigerian Celebrities Who Show Us How They Get Fit

Mostly, celebrities tend to flood their social media pages with photos of the wealth and luxury they enjoy.

However, lately, the need to maintain one’s health as well as make riches has seen an enormous rise and some celebrities have taken it upon themselves to show to the world that indeed, ‘exercise is medicine’.

Below are some of your favorite celebrities who often show us how they get fit;

1. Kate Henshaw

She’s definitely the ambassador of fitness. She mostly floods her social media pages with her workout routines which includes extremely tough plyometrics and flexibility exercises. In fact, she once flaunted her six-packs.

2. Regina Daniels

Probably, her love for tennis is second to Ned Nwoko’s. She’s an avid fan of tennis.

3. Bishop Ime Umoh

His body transformation was quite a story……Of course, all those who know ‘The Bishop’ know that he was one of the pot-bellied and physically unhealthy looking folks. However, by dint of hard work, he lost the excess fat and is now a joy to behold……the dream of most ladies.

4. Davido

Last year, Davido hatched a plan to lose his visceral fat and obtain a lean body. He posted videos of his vigorous workout sessions.

5. Ramsey Nouah

In an interview with Sola Osofisan, Ramsey Nouah confirmed that it is unacceptable for him to have a pot belly hence the need for him to stay physically healthy and keep his belly tucked in.

Sola Osofisan: Mr. Nouah, I see you here in the gym. Do you work out regularly?

Ramsey Nouah: I try to.

S.O.: And what does it do for you? Is it to keep the belly in (laughing)?

R.N.: Oh yes. Absolutely. You have to like stay fit to be an actor actually. You must. In our profession, you can’t have (a) port belly or a paunch. It’s not good for the profession at all.

S.O.: The staying fit aspect of it… Do you need energy to be an actor? Why is staying fit important aside of the looks and the physical fitness part of it? Why is it important?

R.N.: As an actor, there are so many things you can be called to do. In Nigeria, we’re not big; the industry is not big enough to have a body double in doing some of your stunts and all that and some very dangerous parts. But if you’re fit, then you will be able to go through it. And then if you have the heart too of course.

Note that Ramsey Nouah has done wild stunts such as; jumping from a story-building and being thrown into a 15ft deep artificial well.

He had some bruises to show for it but well, that’s nothing for the super-fit Ramsey Nouah. Remember ‘The Guardian Angel?’

6. Jim Iyke

He doesn’t joke with his six packs at all.

7. Flavour

He looks more like a fitness model than the fine singer he actually is.