Who Is Patricia Cornwell? 

Patricia is a passenger on Delta Air Lines flight #2790, traveling from Tampa to Atlanta. According to the uncensored ATL video, two passengers fought on December 23.

The unmasked person’s fight escalated after the woman hit the sitting man. The incident occurred while the plane was in flight.

Patricia Cornwell is the name of the woman in the video. She arrived at the news after disrupting the flight.

Cornwell, the suspect, was relocated and taken into custody by the Atlanta Police Department. The case is being investigated further, and the woman has been arrested.

Is Patricia Cornwall Arrested?

Many people are reacting to the woman’s misbehavior towards an older man after the flight video went viral on social media. As we all know, taking precautions against the virus is mandatory in our daily lives, but the woman has been breaking all the rules and spitting on the face of an older man because the man has removed his mask.

The woman depicted in this video has gone viral, with an enraged woman dubbed ‘Karen.’

Patricia Cornwall was a passenger on a Delta flight from Tampa to Atlanta. Many people criticized the woman on social media for misbehaving with the older man.

People speculate that the woman did this solely to gain attention because she did not wear a mask while berating the older man.

Some social media users believe it is absurd that the older man must remove his mask to drink and eat on the flight. Later, the woman loses her temper and argues with the elderly gentleman.

Why Was The Woman Arrested On Delta Flight?

When Patricia Cornwell unexpectedly loses her temper and is hidden by the older man in this video.

He repeatedly demanded that the man put on his mask in a rigid manner without listening to his argument. As a result, she lowered her mask even as she spoke to the man.

When things didn’t go her way, she became enraged, and the argument devolved into a brawl when Cornwall slapped the older man and spat in his face.

The woman’s video has gone viral on the internet, and many people are constantly mocking her for misbehaving with the older man.