Mitch Grassi Gender: Is Pentatonix Singer Transgender?

As per the reports, talking about Mitch Grassi’s gender, the Pentatonix singer is openly gay.

However, he is not transgender. Grassi is out and proudly gay; in 2017, Out readers rated him the second-most eligible gay bachelor behind Adam Lambert.

He has indicated that he uses both masculine and feminine pronouns and is renowned for toying with gender expressions, such as donning a dress and heels. Grassi currently resides in Hollywood, California.

Mitch Grassi Sexuality Revealed

Talking about Mitch Grassi’s sexuality, he is openly gay and refers to himself as both male and female.

Mitch was engaged to Travis Bush at one point in his life, but the two broke up. Their friendship began at a young age, and the fact that they are both gays has generated some issues about their connection.

In an interview, they discussed their friendship, and they also posted a video on YouTube in which they addressed a few questions, including whether or not they are dating.

Mitch is now reportedly seeing a man whose identity has not been revealed, but a photo of the two sharing a passionate kiss has been released.

Mitch Grassi Age And Family Background

Mitch Grassi is at the age of29 years old and was born on July 24, 1992, in Arlington, Texas.

He was born to Nel Grassi (née Fenton) and Michael Grassi of Hornell, New York. He is half-Italian and half-Scottish, Irish, and Welsh in origin.

Michael’s parents moved to Dallas–Fort Worth, Texas, in the mid-1980s to pursue Michael’s aviation career.

Grassi has an elder sister, Jessa, with whom he recalls performing singalongs to pop tunes and Christmas music for his parents in handmade variety performances when he was a child. Tony, his uncle, was likewise a “high tenor with an extraordinary range.”