Meet Enfants De Janette Bertrand Isabelle, Martin And Dominique Lajeunesse

Enfants De Janette Bertrand -Isabelle, Martin And Dominique Lajeunesse

Janette Bertrand CC CQ is a renowned Quebec journalist and the proud mother of her three amazing children. She has two daughters, Isabelle Lajeunesse and Dominique Lajeunesse, and a son, Martin Lajeunesse.

Isabelle is an actress born on January 17, 1951. She is best known for her work in Rapid (1977), L’adsence (1976), and Grande course (2003). According to her IMDb bio, she has 11 credits as an actress in filmography.

Moreover, she is happily married to her loving husband, Francois Guy, and leads a prosperous life with her family. More details on her other family members is not known as of now.

Bertrand’s son Martin is also an actor likewise his sisters. He is recognized for his work in Les enfants de la tele (2010), and La semaine des 4 Julie (2020) as self. He is probably married and living a blissful life with his family.

Dominique is known for her roles in Bye-Bye (2008), Toi et moi (1954), Au jour le jour (1984-1989), and Tout le monde en parle (2008). She has 2 credits as an actress in filmography, according to her IMDb bio.

Quebec journalist Janette Bertrand Conjointe

Journalist Janette Bertrand married her husband, Jean Lajeunesse in 1947. The loving couple welcomed three children together. Born on July 17, 1921, Jean was an actor and writer, known for Toi et moi (1954), Réjeanne Padovani (1973), and Les brûlés (1959).

Likewise Janette, Jean was also born in Quebec, Canada. Unfortunately, Janette’s loving husband Jean passed away on September 26, 1991, when he was seventy years old. Janette and Jean were married for over forty-four years.

Growing up in Montreal Janette studied journalism at the Universite de Montreal. She joined Petit Journal and worked there for 16 years. She then moved to radio, serving as the host of the Radio-Canada program in the early 1950s, Dejeuner en musique.

She and her husband hosted the program Jean et Janette, and Mon mari et nous at radio station CKAC, a French-language Candian radio station located in Montreal, Quebec. Later, Bertrand appeared on television for Radio-Canada, Tele-Metropole, and Radio-Quebec. 

More To Know About Janette Bertrand Familie

Feminist pioneer Janette Bertrand was born on March 25, 1925, to her supportive family, in Quebec. Apart from being a journalist, she is also an established actress, educator, and writer. She is blessed with three children, who are all achieving their best in their related fields.

She married a well-known Canadian actor Jean Lajeunesse in 1947. They shared a warm relationship with their loving three children for 44 years. Sadly, her husband, Jean, died at 70 in 1991.

In 2000, Janette received a Governor General’s Performing Arts Awards. She also receives several Gemini Awards, including one for Lifetime Achievement. She was also named a Chevalier in the National Order of Quebec in 1992.

Moreover, in 1990, she was named Woman of the Century by the Salon de la fenne de Montreal.