Malade: Does Paul Arcand Have Cancer?

Many people wonder if malade Paul Arcand has cancer after he recently announced that he would be taking an ‘indefinite period’ of leave from 98.5 FM because of health reasons. Well, let’s know what the truth is.

Paul Arcand is a well-known Canadian journalist and radio personality. He is honored for his services to Quebec media, particularly radio transmission. He has presented a number of successful radio shows, frequently focused on current events, societal challenges, and interviews with notable individuals.

His personality and observations have elevated him to a prominent position in Quebec’s media landscape. He is mostly known for his insightful interviews, in which he engages guests on a variety of themes ranging from politics and social issues to culture and entertainment. His ability to negotiate complicated issues in a conversational tone has earned him a big and devoted following.

A few days ago, malade Paul Arcand announced that he would be taking an “indefinite period” of leave from his show at 98.5 FM because of health reasons. Immediately, many people attributed his sickness to cancer. Let’s find out what the truth is.

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Paul Arcand Is Malade (Sick) But Does He Have Cancer?

Malade Paul Arcandannounced that he has a health problem but didn’t reveal what exactly it is. As a result, we are unsure if he really has cancer. He addressed it directly at the microphone of Puisqu’il peut se leva, the show he has been missing since more than a week ago. Talking to Alain Crête, he said,

I have a health issue…which requires treatment for an indefinite period.

He stated that he was suffering from a severe infection and that he would have to undergo treatment. He wanted to speak about it openly out of respect for the long relationship he has with his audience and to prevent false rumors about his health from spreading. He also requested that his privacy be protected.

The length of Paul Arcand’s absence from the airwaves is unknown, however, it appears to be counted in weeks. He also added that he felt exhausted when hosting his show last Monday, which he may have linked to the change from daylight saving time to standard time. He returned to his duty the next day, but he felt he wasn’t performing well.

On Wednesday, his condition deteriorated considerably. His wife then persuaded him to see a doctor, and he did not fly again on Thursday. On the phone on Friday morning, the broadcaster, who is currently 63 years old, appeared to be in good health. He did, however, observe that, like many guys his age, he did not care about the indicators of potential sickness.

In conclusion, there is no strong evidence to support the claim that malade Paul Arcand has cancer. However, we believe it is a major health issue since he said that it would take an “indefinite period.”

Following Paul Arcand’s Absence, Who Will Host the Morning Show on 98.5?

This professional break comes months after Paul Arcand announced that he would step down as host of his daily Montreal show in June 2024. He promised Friday that he would return to work as soon as possible, up until the set date.

Shortly after the interview with the star host, Alain Crête revealed that the morning show on 98.5 FM will be hosted by parliamentary journalist Louis Lacroix beginning next Monday, until Paul Arcand returns. Journalist Patrick Lagacé, who presently does the late afternoon show on 98.5 FM, will take over the morning show in the fall of 2024.

His remarks to return to the show as soon as possible also indicate that he might not have cancer. Malade Paul wouldn’t commit to return if he was diagnosed with cancer.