Who are Alyssa and Chris from Married at First Sight? – Their Wikipedia and Age Explored

Alyssa and Chris are a couple from the reality show Married at First Sight. Joining the Boston Cast, they will be joined by four other couples. 

Trusted as an unscripted reality show, viewers are keen to learn about the developments of the couple after the show ends. For now, only the cast members have been introduced to the audience.

We are yet to see how each cast member’s relationship rolls out after the marriage ceremony. 

Revealed to be 30-years-old, Alyssa told in Celebstial that she is looking to settle down. She adds that after devoting most of her time to rescuing animals worldwide, leaving her little time for dating. 

She was set with Chris, 35, who has commitment engrossment issues. 

Meet Alyssa and Chris from Married at First Sight Parents on Instagram 

Alyssa and Chris have been confirmed members of the reality show. There is little to no information about the couple so far. 

Likewise, their Instagram page is yet to be known to the public media. Perhaps, the couple is yet to make their Instagram debut. 

We are sure that fans would rejoice to follow their journey as a couple and know where they stand after the show. 

Is This A True Match Like Alyssa and Chris Are Hoping It To Be?

Alyssa and Chris got paired in the show after experts from the show Married at first sight pinned them as a potential match. They quickly tied the knot after not having met even once. 

There has been a true fairytale beginning for many couples. But we can’t ignore the fact that many people have left broken-hearted and in more dilemma after the show. 

Coming back to Alyssa and Chris, it is too soon for us to tell if they are a true match or not. As the program is yet to be premiered and only time will speak about their relationship developments.