Landmark CEO Micky Jagtiani Family: Meet His Three Kids And Parents

Micky Jagtiani’s family has been an integral part of the Landmark Group’s success, with each member playing a significant role in the conglomerate’s operations and growth.

Micky Jagtiani was a prominent businessman and entrepreneur who significantly contributed to the retail industry, particularly in the Middle East. 

His recent passing at 70 has left a void in the business community and sparked interest in his personal life. With origins rooted in India, Micky Jagtiani embarked on a transformative journey that led him to become one of the most successful businessmen in the Middle East.

As a Father of three children, he strived to balance his family life with his entrepreneurial pursuits.

This article delves into Micky Jagtiani’s family background, shedding light on their origins and exploring his immediate family, including his three children and his parents.

Micky Jagtiani Family: Their Origin Revealed

Micky Jagtiani’s family origin, with Indian heritage and migration to Kuwait, shaped his entrepreneurial spirit.

He was born Mukesh Wadhumal Jagtiani on August 15, 1952, in Kuwait City, Kuwait. 

While his successful career and achievements are widely known, little information about his family background and origins is available. However, the Jagtiani family is believed to have roots in India, a common heritage shared by many Indians residing in the Gulf region.

Like many individuals from the Indian diaspora, Micky Jagtiani’s family may have migrated to Kuwait in search of better opportunities. The exact details of their journey and the circumstances leading to their settlement in Kuwait are not widely documented. 

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Nevertheless, the Jagtiani family’s entrepreneurial spirit and drive for success would ultimately shape Micky’s journey toward becoming a highly accomplished businessman.

Meet Micky Jagtiani Three Kids 

Micky Jagtiani has three kids named Aarti, Nisha, and Rahul. They are actively involved in the operations of the Landmark Group, assuming directorial roles within the conglomerate. 

Although specific details about his children and their identities have been kept relatively private, it is known that Micky Jagtiani shared a close bond with his family. 

As a successful businessman, he balanced his professional endeavors with his responsibilities as a parent, supporting and guiding his children as they navigated their own paths in life. Growing up with a Father of such notable achievements and wealth, Micky Jagtiani’s children likely experienced a unique upbringing. 

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The impact of their Father’s entrepreneurial journey and his business empire, the Landmark Group, may have played a significant role in shaping their aspirations and ambitions.

Who Are Micky Jagtiani Parents?

The identity and background of Micky Jagtiani’s parents are not extensively documented. 

However, they played a significant role in shaping his values, work ethic, and entrepreneurial mindset. Unfortunately, the details surrounding their lives and their influence on Micky’s journey are not widely available.

Although specific information about Micky Jagtiani’s parents is limited, it is reasonable to assume that their support, guidance, and values played a pivotal role in shaping his character and drive for success.

Their encouragement and belief in his abilities likely laid the foundation for Micky’s remarkable achievements throughout his career.

Their support and the values they instilled in him likely significantly shaped his resilience, determination, and unwavering commitment to success.