Kylea G Weight Loss Journey: How Did She Get Slim?

Kylea G created a Facebook group to share her weight loss journey and inspire others to lose weight. The TikToker has become a lot slimmer and has had a drastic physical transformation since she started the group. People feel that Kylea G is not being completely transparent about her weight loss. They suspect she is using Ozempic.  

Kylea Gomez is a popular TikToker who gained prominence after she shared her weight loss journey on social media. She has undergone a drastic physical transformation since then and a lot of her followers don’t believe that she is being completely honest about what she did to lose weight. They suspect that she had the easy way out like surgery or Ozempic! Let’s find out more about Kylea G’s weight loss journey!

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Kylea G’s Weight Loss Journey: Everything to Know About Her Transformation!

Kylea G (@kyleagomez) has documented her weight loss journey on TikTok and she has had a drastic physical transformation in the last few years but not all fans think her contents are genuine. There have been a lot of accusations that she is not being completely transparent about how she lost weight.

Many people who are trying to lose weight look up to Kylea G as a source of inspiration because she posts very supportive messages and shares how she goes on about her own weight loss journey. She does everything to uplift those people who are trying to keep their weight in check except telling them what to do. You can’t deny that she has been very vague about what she does to maintain herself which is why people are criticizing her for not being transparent enough.

When Kylea Gomez first started a support group on Facebook to share her weight loss journey, she seemed much more open.  She had written that she had short-term and long-term goals of losing weight. Her short-term goal was to lose enough weight so that she could enjoy her upcoming trip to Disney and her long-term goal was to lose 100 pounds by her 30th birthday so that she could travel to Nashville for her dream trip.

Kylea G was also very candid about how she embarked on her weight loss journey to put her health first after she struggled with infertility for years and had multiple miscarriages. Many people appreciated her candor and her willingness to put herself out there like that. So, they believed it when she wrote that she created the space (a Facebook group) to share the good, the bad, and progress with her followers so they could see her struggles as well as triumphs.

Kylea G revealed in that group that she had joined Weight Watchers and lost 56 pounds after that which got her the self-love and confidence she lost long ago when her weight had begun to take control of her life. She said that she wanted to take her followers along with her on her weight loss journey and the ups and downs of it. She wrote,

I am not the picture perfect version of health and I haven’t learned everything there is to know about my nutrition yet. I am a work in progress. I want to share the ups and downs of my journey to losing 200 lbs. My long term goal is a sustainable loss of 200 lbs and to be able to carry a pregnancy at a healthy weight if that is Gods Will for my life. Please feel free to follow my journey as I overcome binge eating and a life long struggle with my weight. There is nothing stopping me now. 💕

What Do People Think of Kylea G’s Weight Loss?

Anyway, it’s been a long time since Kylea Gomez created that group which means it’s been a long time since she embarked on a weight loss journey. She has had a drastic transformation since then. And she has shared a lot about what she did to have that transformation. But a lot of her followers don’t believe that she’s being truthful about it. They have accused her of not being transparent enough to be a weight loss influencer.

Some followers suspect that Kylea G has opted for the shortcut method and gotten surgery to lose weight while others believe that she has had Ozempic for weight loss. One Redditor pointed out that she once admitted to taking phentermine but then backtracked on it. Another also noted that she once said that keto nearly killed her which made them wonder if she ever even had ketosis because from what she said, it didn’t look like she understood ketosis at all.

Kylea G has also been criticized for having an unhealthy food mentality. People have been saying that someone who eats very little, drinks tons of coffee, and uses all the sugar substitutes should not be giving out tips on weight loss.