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Our Kobbie Mainoo’s Biography tells you Facts about his Childhood Story, Early Life, Parents – Felix Mainoo (Father), Abena Herold (Mother), Family Background, Girlfriend, Siblings – Jordan Mainoo-Hames (older brother), Sisters (Ama and Efia Mainoo), Grandparents, Uncle, Aunt, etc.

This article about Kobbie Mainoo also discusses his Family Origin, Ethnicity, Religion, Hometown, and Education. Additionally, it covers aspects like his Tattoo, Net Worth, and Zodiac. Then, moving forward, it provides insights into his Personal Life and breaks down his Salary.

In a nutshell, this article breaks down the complete history of Kobbie Mainoo. This is the story of a young boy who was extraordinary at football from a young age. His skills were so advanced that the typical team set-up for his age group did not provide him with the challenge he needed.

Wiki presents the story of Mainoo. This is the tale of a boy who found his voice not in words but through his performance on the football pitch. As a remarkable player, his football abilities did all the talking for him.


Our version of Kobbie Mainoo’s biography starts by revealing pivotal moments from his childhood. Then, we will delve into the highlights of his early career. Concluding our story, we’ll explore how he ascended to become one of the top footballers in his country.

Wiki aims to spark your interest in autobiographies with Kobbie Mainoo’s story. To start, we present a gallery that narrates his journey, from his boyhood days to his rise. Indeed, Mainoo has travelled a remarkable path in his career and life’s journey.

Yes, everyone knows Kobbie Mainoo as a Fast-Rising Midfielder. He played a pivotal role in clinching the FA Youth Cup in the 2021-22 season. Additionally, he contributed to winning the EFL Cup in the 2022-23. Ultimately, his outstanding play earned him the Jimmy Murphy Young Player of the Year title for the 2022–2023 campaign.

While writing stories about English footballers of West African origins, we discovered a knowledge gap. The truth is, not many fans are familiar with Kobbie Mainoo’s intriguing biography. So, without further delay, let’s dive into his story.

Kobbie Mainoo Childhood Story:

For Biography starters, the notable athlete is nicknamed “Mainoo”. His full name is Kobbie Boateng Mainoo. Born on April 19, 2005, in Stockport, England, his loving mother, Abena Herold, and father, Felix Mainoo, welcomed this rising star into the world.

This talented player entered the world as one of three siblings – two girls and one boy. All of them were born to a loving couple, united in marriage as their mom and dad. His arrival marked the completion of their family, setting the stage for a home filled with love and shared passions.

Now, let’s introduce you to Kobbie Mainoo’s Parents. Persons whose support, encouragement, resource provision, and guidance contributed significantly to his growth and success as a footballer.

Growing-Up Years:

Kobbie Mainoo’s family life shrouded in mystery, keeps much about his household a secret. We do know he has two older sisters (Ama and Efia) and an older brother, Jordan Mainoo-Hames. Growing up in a close-knit family, the steadfast dedication of his parents set the stage for his future.

It would interest you to know that one of Kobbie Mainoo’s siblings (his older brother) is a public figure. It has recently come to light that Jordan Mainoo-Hames was a participant in the fifth season of the popular reality TV series “Love Island UK.” Mainoo-Hames (pictured below) has also carved a niche for himself in the fashion world, notably working as a runway model for prestigious labels such as Vogue and Louis Vuitton.

Kobbie Mainoo’s parents’ partnership and commitment were key in shaping Kobbie’s journey. Growing up in Stockport, the warm and nurturing environment and his family’s loving presence provided a secure backdrop for his childhood.

This solid family base played a crucial role in moulding him as an athlete and a person. Sports sources note that even at a young age, Kobbie stood out for his remarkable abilities on the field. He was quick, strong, and exceptionally skilled, distinguishing him from his peers.

Along with his athletic prowess, people noticed his calm demeanour, often describing him as a ‘lovely quiet lad.’ This combination of physical talent and a composed character marked his early years in the sport, indicating a promising future.

Kobbie Mainoo Early Life:

The football prodigy Kobbie Mainoo began to display his extraordinary talent during his boyhood. His family and extended relatives quickly recognized that he was destined for greatness. Deeply immersed in football, Kobbie focuses solely on the game.

A lifelong marvel from Manchester, Mainoo possessed a graceful playing style that distinguished him even as a young boy. His exceptional skills were so evident that he rapidly advanced from the reception pitch to year one, a testament to his outstanding abilities.

Both his parents and friends took keen notice of his sporty nature. Furthermore, his unwavering commitment and drive were crucial in pursuing his dreams. As a child, Kobbie Mainoo harboured a deep passion for football.

Also, he was drawn to the game’s dynamism and the thrill it offered. His early years laid a solid foundation for the remarkable career that was to unfold.

Kobbie Mainoo Family Background:

Kobbie Mainoo was born into a warm and nurturing family in Stockport, a bustling industrial town in Greater Manchester. Stockport, England, has been the birthplace of several notable footballers. One of the most popular players from this area is Phil Foden.

However, Mainoo’s early life was rich with familial love and unity, with his parents at the heart of his world. They saw and nurtured his budding passion for football from an early age.

While the specifics of his parents’ professions are kept private, their impact on his life is unmistakable. They provided the essential support and encouragement needed for him to pursue his football dreams.

Their belief in his talent never wavered as they stood by his side throughout his journey. Despite living a modest, middle-class lifestyle, they wholeheartedly invested in Kobbie’s ambitions. His parents were more than just his guardians; they made personal sacrifices to ensure his success.

Our research clearly shows that Kobbie Mainoo hails from a tight-knit family, a cornerstone in supporting his career. Their constant support has driven his pursuit of soccer excellence, shaping him into the player he is today.

Kobbie Mainoo Family Origin:

The dynamic dribbler Kobbie Mainoo’s family has nationalities in England and Ghana. He was born in Stockport, England, making him English by nationality. His parents come from Ghana, a West African country. This background gives Kobbie a unique mix of cultures.

It blends English upbringing with Ghanaian heritage. This mix likely influences his life and football style. He grew up in a football-rich area in England, Greater Manchester and had Ghanaian football influences, too. His family origin is a unique blend of these two cultures.

This mix of English and Ghanaian backgrounds has given Kobbie diverse cultural experiences and perspectives. One can refer to the map below to gain a deeper insight into Kobbie Mainoo’s heritage.

Kobbie Mainoo Ethnicity:

The goal wizard Kobbie Mainoo has a unique English and Ghanaian ethnicity mix, just like Danny Welbeck, Jarell Quansah, Callum Hudson-Odoi and Eddie Nketiah. Born in England, he embraces Black British ethnicity and vibrant heritage. This special blend makes his identity exciting and diverse, especially in football.

Kobbie Mainoo Education:

Many fans have asked questions like, What are Maino’s educational qualifications, and where did he study? According to our information, he hasn’t graduated yet. Maino joined Manchester United at a young age and has been with the club for quite some time.

His schooling occurred within the Manchester United academy, but details about his earlier education are unavailable. As for college, Maino hasn’t attended one yet and, therefore, hasn’t graduated.

Instead, he focused on his career as a professional football player for Manchester United, dedicating his time and efforts to the sport he loves.

Career Buildup:

Kobbie Mainoo began when he was just five years old. His journey in professional football started at Cheadle and Gatley FC’s academy, a place designed to introduce young kids to the sport.

During his early training days at Cheadle Hulme High School, his talent was unmistakable. Steve Vare, his coach between the ages of five and six, was among the first to recognize Kobbie’s special abilities. He saw Kobbie do extraordinary things with a football for a child his age.

Mainoo was advanced for his age, showcasing skills like strong dribbling and surprising physical strength. He was quick, hard to dislodge from the ball, and effortlessly scored goals. Kobbie was known as a ‘lovely quiet lad’ who expressed himself through his football.

He wasn’t arrogant but rather let his skill on the pitch do the talking. His love for dribbling and scoring was evident, often leading his team to victory in training games. It didn’t take long for scouts from United’s academy to notice him.

This attention was the beginning of Kobbie Mainoo’s promising future in football. His early years set the stage for his ascent in the sport, propelled by his undeniable talent and love for the game.

Kobbie Mainoo Biography – Football Story:

The athlete Kobbie played in different positions during his early years to boost his development. He was known for his powerful shots from a distance. Mainoo also played as a winger and midfielder.

Before joining United’s academy at nine, Mainoo and his father searched Manchester for a team to challenge him. They wanted a team that would let him play in an older age group, as his former coach, Steve Vare, suggested.

Kobbie’s dad was looking for a strong team for his son. Interestingly, Ian Kelly, who coached Failsworth Dynamos, had enough players but invited Kobbie to train. He was surprised Kobbie was younger than the others, but he played well and fit in.

Mainoo continued playing above his age level at Failsworth. This didn’t change when he joined United’s academy. There, he often played with older players, showing his exceptional talent.

Kobbie Mainoo Bio – Road to Fame Story:

The turning point in Kobbie’s career came when he joined Manchester United’s academy at nine. His time at United’s academy was a critical phase in his development. He regularly played with and against older players, refining his skills.

Kobbie’s hard work and talent did not go unnoticed. His ability to excel in a competitive environment like Manchester United’s academy set him apart. This period of growth and learning was instrumental in shaping him into the player he is today.

Joining Manchester United, Mainoo quickly advanced through the ranks. His rapid progression is a testament to his skill and work ethic. Kobbie Mainoo signed his first professional contract with Manchester United in May 2022.

He impressed in a midfield role against Carlisle United in the EFL Trophy. This performance led to him being called up for training with the senior squad in October 2022.

Kobbie Mainoo’s journey took an exciting turn on October 16, when he was named on the bench for the first time. This was for a Premier League match against Newcastle United, a significant milestone in his career.

But the real highlight came on January 10, 2023. On that day, Mainoo made his competitive debut memorably. He started in a 3–0 EFL Cup victory over Charlton Athletic, showcasing his skills on a bigger stage.

Kobbie Mainoo Biography – Rise to Fame Story:

On February 19, Kobbie Mainoo took a big step in his career. He made his league debut as a substitute in a match against Leicester City. In his first Premier League start, Mainoo shone brightly. His team, Manchester United, won 3-0 against Everton at Goodison Park.

Alejandro Garnacho‘s amazing overhead kick was the talk of the match. But Mainoo’s play in central midfield was also essential for Erik ten Hag‘s team. He made a crucial goal-line clearance after Garnacho’s goal.

This move was vital in keeping Manchester United ahead. Mainoo was praised for being good with the ball and strong in defence. Even Bruno Fernandes, the captain of Manchester United, was full of praise for Mainoo.

He said, “He’s the man of the match. For his age, he has so many qualities. He sees things before others.” Fernandes added, “He is comfortable with the ball and never makes mistakes. Kobbie put in a great performance for sure.”

At only 18, Mainoo played a key role. He connected Manchester United’s defence with a front four powered by Bruno Fernandes. This was something Erik ten Hag had been wanting for a long time. Mainoo’s performance showed he could be a vital player for Manchester United.

International Career:

For young players like Mainoo, the path to an international career often starts with youth national teams. Kobbie has played for England’s national teams at the under-17, under-18, and under-19 levels.

It was a crucial step in his development and a sign of his potential for future senior team involvement. Given England’s depth of talent and the competitive nature of international selections, breaking into the senior national team is a significant challenge.

However, Mainoo’s development at a top club like Manchester United positions him well for future consideration for national team duties.

Players with dual heritage, like Mainoo, who has Ghanaian roots, might also be able to represent another country internationally. With that said, Kobbie can play for Ghana because of his eligibility. The rest of our Biography, as they say, is now history.

Kobbie Mainoo Girlfriend:

With his early fame in football, Mainoo has undeniably become a successful athlete. Naturally, this success and recognition bring along admirers. Among them, surely, are female fans who dream of being closely associated with him – as his wife or girlfriend.

To this end, Wiki poses the ultimate question…

Who is Kobbie Mainoo dating?

Fans of Manchester United have probably noticed how private Kobbie is about his personal life. This secrecy extends to his relationship status and dating life. He has never publicly spoken about who he might be dating or past relationships.

Even details about any childhood sweetheart of Kobbie’s remain a mystery. As of 2023, he is neither married nor engaged. Kobbie keeps his love life away from the public, focusing more on his football career.


In football, where talent and ambition intersect, Kobbie Mainoo is a rising star. His journey, both on and off the pitch, offers a glimpse into a young athlete’s life navigating the path to success.

While his specific hobbies and interests outside football remain private, it’s common for athletes like Mainoo to have passions beyond the field. His off-the-field persona will undoubtedly evolve as he progresses in his career.

Kobbie Mainoo, a passionate Aries enthusiast, shares traits with famous Aries athletes like Nat Phillips and Nathaniel Clyne. He is courageous, determined, confident, enthusiastic, optimistic, and passionate, qualities that drive his success on the football field.

As an athlete at one of the world’s most prestigious football clubs, Mainoo’s lifestyle is characterized by discipline. Rigorous training schedules, strict fitness regimes, and a focus on maintaining peak physical condition are all part of the package for this young midfielder.

Kobbie Mainoo Lifestyle:

Regarding his lifestyle, the English midfielder Kobbie Mainoo is not one to flaunt his wealth on social media. Nor does he use these platforms to boast about his achievements. This approach implies that Mainoo embraces a humble lifestyle.

It’s evident in his modesty and hardworking nature. His behaviour reflects a person who prefers to let his actions on the field speak for themselves rather than seeking validation through public displays. This humility and his dedication to football paint the picture of a grounded, focused athlete.

Kobbie Mainoo Car:

The field’s maestro, known for his humble lifestyle and focus on his football career, does not publicly showcase his assets, including cars. This discretion emphasises his dedication to his sport over material displays. As he continues to grow in his career, his choices in personal vehicles and other aspects of his lifestyle may become more public.

Kobbie Mainoo Family Life:

The playmaking prodigy comes from a close-knit family with roots in both England and Ghana. This multicultural background has likely played a significant role in shaping his worldview and values. Now, let’s talk about the members of his family.

Kobbie Mainoo Father:

Based on research, detailed public information about Kobbie Mainoo’s father is limited. What is clear, however, is the significant role his father has played in his football journey. Kobbie Mainoo’s father was crucial in nurturing his son’s football skills from a young age.

This included supporting him through his early football development and helping him find the right teams and training opportunities. Also, it provides the emotional and logistical support needed for a young athlete to thrive.

Details about his father’s occupation remain unclear, but his influence on Kobbie’s life, especially in football, is clear. Further research reveals he hails from Ghana in West Africa and is named Felix Mainoo.

Kobbie Mainoo Mother:

Regarding Kobbie Mainoo’s mother, our knowledge is similarly limited. Yet, we clearly understand a young athlete’s mother’s critical role in their development and success.

Even though there’s not much public information about Kobbie Mainoo’s mother, her influence on his life and career is undeniably significant. She has been a crucial support system, working tirelessly behind the scenes.

Her efforts ensure that Kobbie has the stability and encouragement to succeed in football and life. Through thorough research, it was discovered that Kobbie’s parents are divorced. His mother, named Abena Herold, remarried Rob Herold on September 29, 2018.

Rob Herold is currently the project manager at RNH Management Services Ltd. Although personal and private, this family dynamic is integral to Kobbie Mainoo’s support network.

Kobbie Mainoo Siblings:

Having sisters means always having best friends who stick around. No matter what you do, they’re always there. In this section, we will talk about Kobbie Mainoo’s two elder sisters. Without further delay, let’s begin.

About Kobbie Mainoo’s sister – Ama Mainoo:

The soccer strategist’s sister, Ama Mainoo, has charted a remarkable educational and professional journey. Her story began at Leeds Beckett University, where she pursued Sports Business Management. However, in 2019, she completed her degree.

But Ama didn’t stop there. She furthered her education by entering international sports law, earning a master’s degree from Sheffield Hallam University in 2021. This accomplishment showcased her deepening expertise and commitment to her field.

Professionally, Ama is a force to be reckoned with. She has amassed expertise in a variety of roles. Her career has seen her excel as an events and promotions assistant, program director, advisor, talent manager, social media consultant, and digital content manager.

Ama Mainoo’s story is one of continuous growth and versatility, mirroring the dedication and talent evident in her family. Her academic and professional achievements prove her drive and expertise in sports and beyond.

About Kobbie Mainoo’s sister – Efia Mainoo:

Kobbie Mainoo’s other sister, Efia Mainoo, has an inspiring story of her own. Her academic journey led her to the University of Birmingham, where she pursued and completed a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry in 2018.

Efia’s career showcases versatility and growth. She has gained valuable experience through various roles, including working as a social media manager, content writer, and research assistant.

Currently, Efia’s journey has taken an entrepreneurial turn. She is the founder and CEO of BlackOwned MCR, a testament to her leadership and vision. Her role as an entrepreneur and a leader in her field reflects her commitment to forging her path.

Untold Facts:

In the final part of Kobbie Mainoo’s biography, we’re ready to unveil more facts about him that might surprise you. So, without further delay, let’s begin.

Kobbie Mainoo Salary:

The story of Kobbie Mainoo, known as the Midfielder Artisan, showcases his financial success in professional football. A Capology report highlights that Mainoo earns a remarkable annual salary of £520,000 with Manchester United, the renowned English club where he plays.

However, this significant income mirrors his Premier League status and underlines his financial security. Kobbie’s stable finances reflect his dedication and skill in football.

TENURE Kobbie Mainoo’s Salary With Manchester United in Pounds (£)
What Kobbie Mainoo makes EVERY YEAR: £520,000
What Kobbie Mainoo makes EVERY MONTH: £43,333
What Kobbie Mainoo makes EVERY WEEK: £9,984
What Kobbie Mainoo makes EVERY DAY: £1,426
What Kobbie Mainoo makes EVERY HOUR: £118
What Kobbie Mainoo makes EVERY MINUTE: £1.96
What Kobbie Mainoo makes EVERY SECOND: £0.03

How Rich is Mainoo, the goal Genius:

Comparing Kobbie Mainoo’s earnings to the average income in Stockport reveals a striking contrast. A typical Stockport resident earns about £35,000 a year. Interestingly, it would take them 14 years to match what Kobbie makes annually at Manchester United. This comparison underscores Kobbie’s financial success and the substantial rewards of top-tier football.

Kobbie Mainoo FIFA:

In the 2023 Sofifa edition, Kobbie Mainoo stands out with an impressive Overall Rating of 62 and a promising potential of 84. He primarily plays as a Central Midfielder and prefers using his right foot.

This right-foot dominance underlines his exceptional skills, which sparkle in every match he plays. Kobbie Mainoo’s talent is undeniable, but he still has much to improve if he aims to become a world-class player someday.

However, considering his raw talent and technique, he is definitely a player to watch. You can look closer at Kobbie’s Sofifa profile to see his capabilities and potential in more detail.

The photo above clearly cements his role as a key player. What’s truly remarkable is the trajectory of Mainoo’s performance. At this rate, he is on track to soon reach the FIFA ratings of renowned players like Casimiro (Defensive Midfielder) and Mason Mount (Attacking midfield).

Kobbie Mainoo Religion:

The midfield dynamo, Kobbie Mainoo, has kept his affiliations, including any connection to ideological groups, under wraps. However, Wiki leans towards the likelihood that Kobbie Mainoo’s religion is Christianity. This assumption is not without basis, as many sources also align with this belief, suggesting Christianity is his faith.

Wiki Summary:

This table breaks down the content of Kobbie Mainoo’s Biography.

Full Name: Kobbie Boateng Mainoo
Nickname: Mainoo
Date of Birth: 19th day of April 2005
Place of Birth: Stockport, England
Age: 18 years and 7 months old.
Mother: Abena Herold
Father: Felix Mainoo
Sisters: Ama Mainoo and Efia Mainoo
Brother: Jordan Mainoo-Hames
Nationality: England and Ghana
Height: 5 feet 9 inches
Religion: Christianity
Playing position: Central Midfield
Ethnicity: Mixed
Zodiac sign: Aries
Annual Salary (2023 stat): £520,000
Jersey No: 37
Agent: CAA Stellar


“Mainoo,” as he’s known, was born to Ghanaian parents in Stockport, England, on April 19, 2005. The English footballer Kobbie Boateng Mainoo spent his childhood alongside his siblings, Jordan Mainoo-Hames, Ama and Efia Mainoo. Our research shows he holds English nationality and has Ghanaian roots.

Even as a youngster, Mainoo balanced football with education, showing great diligence and hard work. His football journey started in 2010 at Cheadle & Gatley Junior Football Club in Manchester’s Stockport.

At age nine, Manchester United scouts spotted his talent, leading to him joining their academy. His parents have been supportive, even accompanying him when he signed his first professional contract with Manchester United.

Mainoo signed with Manchester United in May 2022. He debuted in a 3–0 EFL Cup win over Charlton Athletic on January 10, 2023. His first Premier League start was a 3-0 victory against Everton on November 26, 2023. Following his first EPL star, the youngster was praised by Gary Neville and Roy Keane. Mainoo has also excelled internationally, representing England at under-17, under-18, and under-19 levels.

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