Jennifer Williams and Jelani Harrison On Basketball Wives Are Still Dating

Yes, Jennifer Williams is still dating Jelani on Basketball Wives. Jennifer first introduced Jelani to her fans in Season 10.

The connection between the couple started from the beginning of the season.

The couple had sparkling smiles looking for each other and shared genuine care for one another.

Williams emerged in the 2022 mid-season of the Basketball Wives, which shared the life of basketball player partners.

The new season premiered on February 13, 2022.

Is Jennifer Williams Still Dating Jelani?

Yes, Jennifer Williams is still dating Jelani Harrison on Basketball Wives. Fans adore their love and compassion for one another.

Fans witnessed the different version of the founder of Redefined Glam when involved with the online businessman Harrison.

From the beginning, they had some connection as the girls started shouting at Williams.

To continue the conversation with him, she asked about his watch and said he got into her book and shared her interest to spent alone time with him.

They even went on dates where they looked cute, and fans loved them together.

They started bonding on their first date, and the second date took a different turn.

On the second date, the TV personality mentioned she loved talking to him and could be herself with him.

She was in a position that she wasn’t used to before. They even hugged and shared a kiss at the last moment.

However, she took the kiss differently and shared her uncomfortable moment as a Virgo.

As a result, fans started speculating about their dating life. Even the businessman said he was open to marriage and having children with his partner.

He said he was in a great place to add a new member to his family.

Even he mentioned his bonding with Willimas to his mother, Smith. In the show, he is a thoughtful person who cares and cherishes the moment with her.

Are The Couple Still Together?

Yes, the couple is still very much still together. Analyzing their social handle, they also follow each other on Instagram.

They developed a close connection during the season, especially since fans see through their eyes.

Fans think they are a perfect match for each other. When Jen shared the post celebrating love, some said they wished the one behind the camera Harrison.

They prayed and wished them the best. Even they think Harrison loves her, and they love her smile when she sees him.

Williams recently enjoyed time with Michael Coste in Paris, France. She said she had a wonderful time with him.

Jelani Harrison Is A Businessman

Jelani Harrison on Basketball Wives is an entrepreneur and the owner of JC Logic.

When he entered the villa, he mentioned he is from Compton, California, and runs an internet business for a living.

The former owner of Healthright LLC’s parents is proud of their son’s success.

Like the son, his father, Russell Harrison, is the owner and CEO of Russell Herbels LLC and Royal Lion Botanicals.

He contributed his life to the company for 40 years specializing in total Body Detoxification.

He said his mother, Kathy Smith, was the one who taught and helped him to be the man he is today. She said she cherished every minute of being his mother.

He spends quality time with his parents as they enjoy a dinner date in The Belvedere at The Peninsula Beverly Hills.

The district manager is the youngest son of his family, and he has a close bond with his elder brother Rahsaan Allpurp Harrison.

His big brother was a former football player. He has a son who mostly spends his time with the entrepreneur.

He completed his graduation from the University of Washington in Sicology, where he competed in the track and field race. He participated in 100 meters in the PAC 10 championship.

He handles the online business where you can collect hats, short sleeves t-shirts, and ultra beanies.

In 2005, he left his job and decided to be an entrepreneur. It didn’t work as planned, as he returned to the job after a couple of years. But he never stopped his hustle.

Jennifer Williams Was Previously Married To A NFL Player

Jennifer previously married former NFL player Eric Williams in 2007. She joined the show with her then-husband in 2010.

The pair tried to work on their relationship for two seasons. In one of the episodes, the athlete threw a drink in her face. So, they failed to remain compatible with each other and finally separated.

As a result, the TV personality filed for divorce in 2011, with their mutual decision.

On July 2022, The Neighbourhood Talk posted that the basketball player became a farmer and is engaged. Even the businesswomen congratulated him on his new journey.

Jennifer Was Shocked To Learn About Son Jayden

It was reported that Eric had a baby boy with a Cleveland woman named Brandy. In 2012, she claimed her son was 18 months old at the time, and she wanted him to live the best life.

As a result, she shares her difficulties raising a son, Jayden, as a single mom.

Jennifer said she didn’t know the women when fans mentioned her as a stepmom.

Later, she filed a paternity case for her children’s future life. However, the athlete didn’t present it to the court.