Jean-Clair Todibo Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Our Jean-Clair Todibo Biography tells you Facts about his Childhood Story, Early Life, Parents – Jean-René Todibo (Father), Claire Tsoumboulis (Mother), Family Background, Wife (Malek), Siblings – Brother (Loic), Sister (Maelys), Cousin (Serge) Grandparents, Uncle, Aunt, etc.

This article about Jean-Clair Todibo explains his Family Origin, ethnicity, and religion. It also covers his hometown, education, tattoos, net worth, zodiac sign, personal life, and a detailed salary breakdown.

In a nutshell, this article breaks down the complete history of Jean-Clair Todibo, which reads resilience and determination. As a young boy full of dreams and aspirations, his world almost came crashing down. At the tender age of nine, an unfortunate incident occurred: he was struck by a car. 

Wiki tells the story of a footballer who didn’t let this setback of almost losing his two legs define him. Jean-Clair faced a harrowing ordeal that threatened to take away his ability to walk, let alone play football. But he refused to let this near-tragic loss of his legs dictate his future.


Our version of Jean-Clair Todibo’s Biography begins with his childhood, revealing vital early experiences. We then highlight the milestones of his early football career, including why Barca got rid of him. Finally, we will reveal his rise to prominence as a top footballer in his country.

Wiki narrates the inspiring story of a footballer who didn’t let this setback of almost losing his two legs define him. Jean-Clair faced a harrowing ordeal that threatened to take away his ability to walk, let alone play football. But he refused to let this near-tragic loss of his legs dictate his future.

Yes, everyone knows Jean-Clair Todibo is a Celebrity known for his remarkable achievement. He was a pivotal part of the team that clinched the La Liga title in the 2018–19 season. Also, in the 2021–22 season, he again made headlines as a key player for his team, leading them to become runners-up in the Coupe de France.

In our quest to tell the stories of French professional footballers, we discovered a knowledge gap. In reality, the fascinating biography of Jean-Clair Todibo remains unread mainly by many fans. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Jean-Clair Todibo Childhood Story:

For Biography starters, the Soccer Maverick bears the nickname – “Todibo“. His Full Name is Jean-Clair Dimitri Roger Todibo. The Football Maestro was born on the 30th day of December 1999 to his mother, Claire Tsoumboulis, and father, Jean-René Todibo, in Cayenne, French Guiana.

Todibo is one of three siblings – two boys and one girl born to his parent. These children were the cherished outcome of the loving union between their father, Jean-René, and mother, Claire. Each child, including Todibo, was a unique addition to their family, growing up in an environment filled with love and togetherness.

Now, let’s introduce you to Jean-Clair Todibo’s parents, particularly his mother, Claire Tsoumboulis. She is a woman who made immense sacrifices to ensure her son could chase and excel in his career. Her unwavering support and selfless acts were pivotal in shaping Todibo’s journey.

Growing-Up Years:

Jean-Clair Todibo’s story begins in the vibrant city of Cayenne, French Guiana, where he grew up. Within the warmth of his close-knit family, his values and outlook on life took shape, significantly influenced by his elder brother. This brother was not just a sibling but also a confidant, guiding him through his early life.

The Rising Star, since childhood, had shared a deep bond with his mother and siblings, cherishing every moment he spent with them. His childhood was notably family-centric, filled with precious times spent not only with his mother but also with his siblings.

This close-knit family environment played a significant role in shaping his values and character. His early years, brimming with familial love and guidance, laid a strong foundation for Todibo’s journey on and off the field.

Jean-Clair Todibo Early Life:

In his boyhood, the Football Prodigy began to display an extraordinary talent for football. Among his family, his elder brother and younger sister shared an athletic streak. Todibo’s days were a harmonious blend of schoolwork and football practice, leaving him little time to be drawn into any distractions.

This focus and dedication set him apart, as he honed his skills and nurtured his passion for the sport from a young age. From a tender age, his innate talent and profound love guided him towards the game.

As he navigated through his elementary school years, the allure of football was undeniable and captivating. It quickly took centre stage in his daily life, significantly shaping his aspirations and dreams. This early attraction to the sport laid the groundwork for his future in football.

Simultaneously, he played for his beloved team, Lilas FC, which had welcomed him at the tender age of 4. This club, known for its well-structured program, is highly regarded for its work with young players. From a young age, the boy dreamed of football and nothing else.

His mother recalls how challenging it was to persuade him to consider a ‘plan B,’ as his heart and mind were firmly fixed on the beautiful game. His single-minded dedication to football indicated his deep-seated passion and future sports aspirations.

Jean-Clair Todibo Family Background:

The family background of the Athletic Phenom, known for his impressive feats on the football field, remains largely undocumented. Yet, one fact stands out prominently: his parents, particularly his mother, were pivotal in his journey through football.

From his first steps on the pitch to the strides he made in his professional career, she was a constant presence. Her steadfast support and guidance played a crucial role in steering him towards his path to success.

Our research reveals that Jean-Clair derives immense strength from his closely-knit family. The values they share have profoundly influenced his journey in football. This tight bond offers him not just emotional support but also practical backing.

Also, familial unity and support are crucial in bolstering his confidence and resilience on and off the football field. In our exploration, it becomes clear that Jean-Clair’s strength is deeply rooted in his closely-knit family.

Adding to the family’s dynamic is the nurturing profession of his mother, Claire. As of 2020, she manages the René Cassin College in Noisy le Sec.

Also, her primary goal is to create a fulfilling life for her children. She is dedicated to raising them with values she deeply cherishes: hard work, respect, and tolerance.

Jean-Clair Todibo Family Origin:

The Defensive Craftsman, known for his skill on the football field, proudly possesses dual nationalities of France and French Guiana. Born in Cayenne, French Guiana, Jean-Clair is a citizen of this vibrant region by birth.

His childhood unfolded in “93”, the Parisian suburb of Bagnolet, where he spent his formative years. French Guiana lies in South America, a region distinct in its character and charm.

Standing out from its South American neighbours, it isn’t an independent country but an overseas department and province of France. This unique status integrates it into the European Union, making the Euro its official currency.

In a nutshell, Jean-Clair’s diverse background has contributed significantly to Todibo’s identity as a person and an athlete. The map below will help you understand his nationality and origin.

Jean-Clair Todibo Ethnicity:

The Football Artist is of French Guianese ethnicity. He was born in Cayenne, the capital city of French Guiana, a region in South America that is an overseas department of France.

French Guiana is known for its diverse African, Indigenous, and European populations, reflecting a rich cultural and ethnic tapestry. Todibo’s heritage is part of this diverse cultural landscape, contributing to the multicultural identity of French Guiana.

Jean-Clair Todibo Education:

The athlete’s educational journey, intertwined with his burgeoning football career, began in the Parisian suburb of Bagnolet, known as “93”. Here, he navigated through his primary school years until his final year of education.

Amidst this, he took a one-year hiatus to attend the Bernard Diomède Academy, a prestigious institution dedicated to nurturing young football talents. This decision represented a significant financial commitment for his family, as they faced high tuition fees of €7,000 per year.

Despite a severe accident at nine, Todibo remained steadfast in pursuing education and football. Post-recovery, he seamlessly continued his schooling while also playing football.

His mother was crucial in balancing his schedule, ensuring he devoted time to homework after classes before attending club training. Additionally, his time at the Diomède Academy further honed his football skills, setting the stage for future sports successes.

Career Buildup:

Jean-Clair Todibo’s journey began with a focus on athletics, yet he was acutely aware of his mother’s emphasis on education. He was academically gifted, understanding that his cherished football would not be an option without school.

The mere thought of being deprived of football, a punishment his mother could use, was the only thing that could bring him to tears. Football served as more than just a passion for Jean-Clair. It was a conduit for channelling his energy and keeping him away from the city’s negative influences.

With sports consuming his thoughts, he found no time for idleness or boredom. In 2009, Todibo’s life took a challenging turn due to a serious car accident. The accident threatened both his health and his future in sports.

After enduring several operations and transplants on his left leg, he was sidelined from the football field for a year. His path to recovery included a foray into wrestling, a combat sport he took up for a few months to regain physical strength.

Demonstrating a competitive spirit, Jean-Clair excelled in wrestling as well. His potential was recognized, and he was invited to continue his education in a sports studies section following a detection test. However, his heart remained with football. Overcoming his challenges, he returned to the football field at age 10.

Jean-Clair Todibo Biography – Football Story:

When Jean-Clair turned 12, his mother asked his older brother Loic to guide him. Loic, a tall and athletic football player, embraced this role wholeheartedly. Together, they focused on football and discipline, keeping Jean-Clair on the right path.

Their bond strengthened through football, with Loic emphasizing the importance of hard work. Jean-Clair practised diligently, always starting their sessions with 100-leg switches. This disciplined approach continued until his move to Toulouse in 2016.

Alongside their home training, Jean-Clair attended the Diomede Academy, enhancing his skills. This was a financial stretch for their mother, but it significantly advanced his footballing abilities. His experience at the academy focused his ambitions on reaching the sport’s highest echelons.

After the academy, Jean-Clair, at 15, resumed training with his brother and was playing for the U17 team. His talent caught the eye of other clubs, including Torcy, where he played as an attacker. In addition, his versatile skills on the field began to shine through.

Jean-Clair Todibo Trials:

Jean-Clair explored opportunities with clubs like Nantes and Manchester United, gaining valuable experience. Despite interest from Italian clubs, his mother declined due to his schooling commitments. His education remained a priority even amidst his rising football career.

In his second U17 year, scouts from clubs like Toulouse noticed his potential. A trial at Toulouse proved successful, leading to a pivotal move in his career. His mother supported this move. Moreover, she recognised the beneficial change in the environment and competition level.

Accompanied by Loic, Jean-Clair transitioned to life in Toulouse. This period at the training centre was a time of significant personal and professional growth. Jean-Clair developed immensely on and off the field, shaping his future in football.

Jean-Clair Todibo Bio – Road to Fame Story:

In 2016, the story of the Defensive Craftsman took a significant turn when he joined Toulouse FC. This move came after a series of trials with various clubs. Initially, he took to the field as a defensive midfielder, drawing inspiration from his idol, Andrea Pirlo.

However, his journey saw a strategic shift when he transitioned to the role of a central defender. He quickly made a name for himself in this new position, earning accolades and comparisons as the “new Raphael Varane“.

Interestingly, Martin Braithwaite, Moussa Sissoko, Wissam Ben Yedder, and Serge Aurier started their professional career at Toulouse FC. Jean-Clair Todibo debuted professionally at 18 on August 19, 2018, in a win against Bordeaux.

However, his third match saw a red card against Guingamp after two quick yellow cards. He scored his first goal against Stade Rennais, equalizing in the 87th minute. Todibo’s skills caught the eye of top clubs like Juventus Turin and FC Barcelona.

Toulouse FC offered Jean-Clair Todibo a huge contract, but no deal was made. As a result, he was removed from the team in early November. On January 31, 2019, Todibo signed with FC Barcelona, a renowned club where Lionel Messi played.

Todibo made his unofficial debut with Barcelona on March 6, 2019, against Girona FC and his official debut on April 13, 2019, against Huesca.

Jean-Clair Todibo Loan Spell:

On January 15, 2020, Jean-Clair Todibo embarked on a new adventure, joining Bundesliga club Schalke 04 on loan until the season’s end. The deal included a €25 million buy option, with an additional €5 million in add-ons.

His impact was immediate and profound; by March, he earned the title of Schalke’s Player of the Month, a distinction voted on by the fans. After returning from his loan in the summer of 2020, Todibo sought a crucial meeting with FC Barcelona’s leaders in September.

He was informed of his role in the team’s rotation alongside Gerard Pique and Clément Lenglet. However, desiring more playing time, Todibo requested to be listed for transfer. Barcelona set his price at €25 million or considered another loan, with several English clubs showing interest.

The next twist in Todibo’s journey came on October 5, 2020, when he joined Primeira Liga club Benfica. This move was on a one-year loan with an option for Benfica to purchase him for €20 million, marking another significant step in his evolving football career.

Jean-Clair Todibo Biography – Rise to Fame Story:

On February 1, 2021, Jean-Clair Todibo’s football journey took another turn as he was loaned to OGC Nice, with an option to purchase him by the end of the 2021 season. This move presented a new opportunity for Todibo to showcase his skills in a different setting.

Then, on June 27, 2021, Nice made a decisive move, validating the purchase option. They invested €8.5 million, with an additional €7 million in variables, to secure Todibo from FC Barcelona. At OCG Nice, Jean-Clair Todibo found himself in the company of a talented roster of players.

Adding to this formidable lineup was Terem Moffi and Khephren Thuram, whose presence further deepened the squad’s capabilities. This assembly of talent created a dynamic and robust team, with each player contributing their unique skills to enhance the overall performance on the field.

Todibo’s journey at Nice saw a symbolic change on July 17, 2023, when he switched his jersey number from 25 to 6. This change was more than just a number. It represented a new chapter and reaffirmed his evolving role and identity within the team.

Each step in Todibo’s career, from his time at Barcelona to his growing impact at Nice, has been marked by growth, adaptation, and a continuous quest for excellence on the football field.

International Career:

Jean-Clair Todibo’s journey in international football saw a significant milestone in 2019. Bernard Diomède chose him to represent France at the Under-20 World Cup. This selection marked an essential moment in his burgeoning career, showcasing his talent on an international stage.

Fast forward to March 2023, and Todibo’s trajectory took another upward turn. He received his first call-up to the senior French team by coach Didier Deschamps. This opportunity replaced the injured Wesley Fofana, though he didn’t get a chance to play in that instance.

However, Todibo’s persistence and skill didn’t go unnoticed. In September 2023, fortune favoured him again when he was called to replace the injured Ibrahima Konate. Seizing this opportunity, Todibo made his first appearance for the senior French team, starting in a match against Germany.

Despite the team facing a 2-1 defeat, this match was pivotal for Todibo. Also, it set the stage for more of his contributions to his national team. The rest of our Biography, as they say, is now history.

Jean-Clair Todibo Wife – Malek:

The athelet, Jean-Clair Todibo, known for his discretion in personal matters, embraced a significant life event in 2022. In the picturesque city of Nice, he celebrated a new chapter of his life by getting married. His wife, Malek, became his partner in this beautiful journey.

This private celebration marked a moment of joy and commitment for Todibo, away from the public eye and the football field. Their wedding in Nice, a city representing a crucial part of his professional career, added a special touch to their union.

However, his union, away from the limelight, reflects Todibo’s preference for keeping his private life separate from his public football persona. This discreet approach allows him to savour the joys and sanctity of his intimate moments fully.

Adding to the couple’s happiness, they welcomed a child. True to their preference for privacy, the gender of their child remains a cherished secret, known only to their closest circles. This balance of public acclaim and private joy forms a harmonious backdrop to Todibo’s life as a professional athlete and a family man.

Personal Life:

Jean-Clair Todibo, known for his prowess on the football field, finds joy in simple pleasures like music, travelling, playing video games, and swimming. He consciously chooses a low-key lifestyle, avoiding the glitz and glamour often associated with professional athletes.

His family is at the heart of his values, reflecting his optimistic approach to life and his focus on what matters most to him. Physically, the Comeback Prodigy is a towering figure, standing at 1.90 meters (6 ft 3 in) with an athletic build and weighing around 88 kilograms.

The Toulouse-born footballer is committed to a rigorous workout routine. Also, he ensures his stamina and fitness are at their peak for his demanding career. Todibo, a Capricorn, shares traits with other notable Capricorns like Jonny Evans, Dani Carvajal, and Andy Carroll.

His zodiac sign is often associated with an inner sense of independence. Todibo exemplifies this with his significant progress in their personal and professional lives. Beyond his professional life, Todibo enjoys vacations, outings, and special events.

He understands the importance of rest and recovery in enhancing his performance in football. His Instagram account, @jctodibo, which boasts over 703k followers, offers fans a window into his personal life, revealing the man behind the footballer’s persona.

Jean-Clair Todibo Lifestyle:

The Stalwart Defender distinguishes himself from many fellow athletes with his approach to social media and lifestyle. Unlike some who showcase lavish lifestyles, he opts for privacy and modesty.

This understated demeanour isn’t just online. It’s evident in his everyday life, where he leads a humble lifestyle, steering clear of flaunting luxury possessions.

Jean-Clair Todibo Car:

Based on research, there was no specific or publicly known information about Jean-Clair Todibo’s car or choice of vehicles. However, this lack of public knowledge aligns with Todibo’s reputation for valuing his privacy.

While many professional footballers often showcase an interest in cars, Todibo seems to tread a different path. The picture below captures various cars that Todibo has been seen with. From these glimpses, one might speculate about his car collections.

Jean-Clair Todibo Family Life:

While kept private, jean-Clair Todibo’s family life reflects the values of closeness and support. Based on the available information, here’s a concise overview of his family members.

Jean-Clair Todibo Father:

Jean-René Todibo is known primarily as the father of Jean-Clair Todibo, the professional football player. However, details about Jean-René’s personal life, profession, or involvement in Jean-Clair’s career are not widely publicized.

Jean-Clair Todibo has maintained a level of privacy regarding his family life, which extends to information about his father. This is a common practice among public figures and professional athletes. They often keep their family matters private to protect their loved ones from public scrutiny.

Jean-Clair Todibo Mother:

Claire Tsoumboulis, mother to the renowned footballer Jean-Clair Todibo, values her privacy. Despite her son’s public fame, she chooses a life away from the spotlight. As a result, the public knows very little about her personal life.

This decision reflects her preference for a quiet, personal space, distinct from the bustling world of professional sports. Consequently, Claire’s life story remains largely untold, hidden behind the scenes of her son’s successful football career.

However, it is well-known that she significantly influenced Jean-Clair’s life and career. Todibo has often spoken about his mother’s vital role in his upbringing and football development. She actively supported him, ensuring he balanced his education with his passion for football.

This support was crucial in his journey from a young talent to a professional athlete. Claire’s dedication to her son’s success is a testament to her role as a nurturing and guiding force in his life. Despite this, Claire has kept their personal lives away from the limelight.

Jean-Clair Todibo Siblings:

For Todibo, his siblings are a source of strength and stability. They have been a constant in his life, providing support and grounding amid the pressures of a professional football career.

Jean-Clair Todibo Brother:

Based on research, Loic Todibo is the older brother of Jean-Clair Todibo, a professional football player. However, specific details about Loic’s personal life, career, or involvement in sports or other fields are not widely known or publicized.

Jean-Clair Todibo, despite his public career, tends to maintain a private family life. This extends to information about his siblings. However, Loic has been a guiding figure in Jean-Clair’s life. He supports and helps him stay grounded, especially during his early career.

Jean-Clair Todibo Sister:

Maelys, a key figure in Jean-Clair Todibo’s family, mirrors her brother’s athletic prowess. After dedicating six years to athletics, she shifted her focus to boxing, where she has shown great promise over two years.

In addition, Maelys once had her eyes set on prestigious Parisian high schools like Henri IV or Louis Legrand. She wanted to join them based on her excellent academic performance. Her ambition extends beyond sports; she aspires to be a business lawyer.

Beyond her academic and athletic talents, Maelys also shines in the arts, displaying her musical skills in singing and guitar playing. Her mother fondly describes her as “a cream in the cream,” highlighting her multifaceted abilities.

She admires and finds inspiration in her brother Jean-Clair, valuing their deep bond. His relocation to Spain deeply affected her, highlighting their close relationship. Influenced by Jean-Clair’s achievements, her journey reflects determination, talent, and the drive to excel in multiple areas.

Jean-Clair Todibo Relatives – Cousin, Nephew, Neice:

As a professional footballer, French athlete Jean-Clair Todibo actively keeps his extended family out of the public eye. Although the public does not have access to specific details about Jean-Clair’s extended family, it’s evident that he deeply values these family connections as an integral part of his life.

These relationships are often unseen but profoundly influential and contribute significantly to his well-being and grounding. His family network likely has aunts, uncles, grandparents, cousins, nephews, nieces, and in-laws, each playing a role in his personal life.

Among them are his cousins Raphael Guinguincouin and Serge Guinguincouin. They have been noted for their significant roles in his development as a professional footballer. Though not widely publicized, their support and influence have shaped Todibo’s journey.

Untold Facts:

In the concluding section of Jean-Clair Todibo’s Biography, we’re set to reveal more fascinating facts about him, some of which may be new to you. So, without further ado, let’s begin.

Jean-Clair Todibo Salary:

The Backline Anchor’s financial achievements mirror the success of his professional football career. Highlighting this fact, a report from Capology points out that Todibo enjoys a substantial annual salary of €1,180,000 at OGC Nice, the French club he proudly represents.

This impressive income marks his status as a prominent Ligue 1 footballer and underscores his financial security. Jean-Clair’s stability in this regard is a direct result of his unwavering dedication and remarkable skill in football.

His journey from the fields to prosperity showcases a blend of talent, hard work, and successful career choices. The table below shows the breakdown of his salary.

TENURE Jean-Clair Todibo’s Salary With OGC Nice in Euros (€)
What Todibo makes EVERY YEAR: €1,180,000
What Todibo makes EVERY MONTH: €98,333
What Todibo makes EVERY WEEK: €22,657
What Todibo makes EVERY DAY: €3,236
What Todibo makes EVERY HOUR: €269
What Todibo makes EVERY MINUTE: €4
What Todibo makes EVERY SECOND: €0.06

How Rich is The Goal-Stopper:

The contrast is quite remarkable when you place Jean-Clair Todibo’s earnings alongside an average citizen in French Guiana. Typically, a person from French Guiana earns about 39,160 EUR a year. However, it would take more than two years for an average citizen there to reach what Todibo makes in just a single month with OGC Nice.

This striking difference highlights Todibo’s financial success in professional football. Also, it sheds light on the economic disparities between a top-tier athlete and the general population in his birth region.

Jean-Clair Todibo FIFA:

In the 2023 edition of Sofifa, Jean-Clair Todibo stands out with an impressive Overall Rating of 79 and a potential rating of 84, showcasing his remarkable abilities as a footballer. His primary position on the field is Centre-back, and he notably prefers to use his right foot.

He prefers the right foot because of his exceptional skills, which consistently shine through in his matches. Jean-Clair Todibo’s Sofifa profile offers an in-depth look at his capabilities and potential in virtual football. The photo below clearly highlights Todibo’s crucial role as a player.

Impressively, he resembles fellow defenders Ezri Konsa and William Saliba regarding football prowess on the pitch. All three excel in defensive awareness, tackling abilities, and speed, marking them as standout players in the world of football.

Jean-Clair Todibo Religion:

Born in Cayenne, French Defender Jean-Clair Todibo deeply embraces his Muslim faith. Like Amad Diallo and Ousmane Dembele, he actively follows the teachings and commandments of Islam.

However, Jean-Clair chooses a more reserved approach when expressing his religious beliefs. Todibo and his family value the privacy of their spiritual life.

Jean-Clair Todibo and Manchester:

Research indicates Manchester United is confidently preparing to sign Jean-Clair Todibo in the upcoming transfer market. Showing keen interest in the French central defender, the Red Devils aim to secure his talents for around 45 million euros.

OGC Nice owner Jim Ratcliffe may significantly influence this high-stakes negotiation. His desire to acquire the English club could provide the necessary leverage to facilitate Todibo’s signing, potentially marking a landmark move in the football world.

Wiki Summary:

This table breaks down the content of Jean-Clair Todibo’s Biography.

Full Name: Jean-Clair Dimitri Roger
Nickname: Todibo
Date of Birth: 30th day of December 1999
Place of Birth: Cayenne, French Guiana
Age: 23 years and 11 months old.
Mother: Claire Tsoumboulis
Father: Jean-René Todibo
Wife: Malek
Cousins: Raphael and Serge Guinguincouin
Sister: Maelys
Brother: Loic
Nationality: French
Height: 6 feet 3 inches
Religion: Muslim
Playing position: Centre back
Ethnicity: French Guianese
Zodiac sign: Capricorn
Jersey No: 6
School: Bernard Diomede Academy
Annual Salary (2023 stat): €1,180,000


Nicknamed Todibo, Jean-Clair Dimitri Roger Todibo was born to his parents on December 30, 1999, in Cayenne, French Guiana. Growing up, he spent his childhood with his mother and siblings.

Our research discovered that Todibo has French nationality and French Guiana family roots. From a young age, he skillfully balanced his budding football career with his education, demonstrating diligence and hard work.

Todibo’s life story is marked by resilience and determination. A critical moment came when he was just nine years old and suffered a car accident. This incident threatened his future in football, but Todibo refused to let it derail his dreams.

Instead, he faced the challenge head-on, embarking on a harrowing journey to recovery. Also, he continues to pursue his passion for football with unwavering determination.

Career Journey:

Jean-Clair Todibo began his football journey by transferring to Toulouse in 2016 from FC Les Lilas. He made his Ligue 1 debut on August 19, 2018, against Bordeaux, playing a vital role in a 2–1 win.

However, on September 1, a red card in a match against Guingamp marked a challenge in his career. After playing ten games and scoring a crucial goal for Toulouse, Todibo caught Barcelona’s attention.

Consequently, he joined the club in January 2019, moving earlier than the planned July transfer. This move made him the 22nd French player to sign with Barcelona, where he received the number 6 shirt.

In January 2020, Todibo’s career progressed with a loan to Schalke 04, where he earned the title of Player of the Month in March. He then went on a year-long loan to Benfica in October 2020, with an option to buy.

This phase, however, was brief as he switched to Nice on loan in February 2021. This move turned permanent in June, with Nice purchasing him from Barcelona for €8.5m plus additional variables.

Internationally, he debuted for France under-20 in November 2018. In March 2023, he joined the senior national team, debuting against Germany in September and playing in a record 14–0 win over Gibraltar.

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