Is Tami Roman Transgender? Illness and Weight Loss Explained – Who Is She Married To?

American actress and businesswoman Tami Roman is not transgender, and she carves a straight orientation. Find more details on the talented actress.

Tami Roman is a famous American model turned actress, TV presenter, and entrepreneur who has starred in Basketball Wives’s celebrity show.

Born Tamisha Akbar. Tami Roman Youngblood is 51 years old cherished actress and model originally from Mount Vernon and currently based around the Los Angeles region.

People have been confusing her daughter’s recent coming out as bisexual with her sexual preferences.

Tami’s daughter Jazz Anderson has reportedly told the media outlets about her new identity and actual bisexual attribute before breaking the essential details to her mother in an estranged text message.

Tami Roman also shared her disdain over her daughter, breaking the more significant fact to her in such an irregular fashion when talking seemed a more viable option.

Is Tami Roman Transgender? A Detailed Look At Her Sexuality

Tami Roman is not a trans character, but she has just been speculated via fueled rumors and falsified details.

Since her birth, Tami has been a straight woman and has never belied anything regarding her orientation and actual preferences.

She was also happy when her daughter Jazz Anderson came out as bisexual recently, and she stated that her love for the LGBTQ community keeps growing each day.

Tami has been with straight men throughout her life, and she married professional basketball player Kenny Anderson in 1994.

Tami recently also commented on Mister Cee coming out as bisexual and openly embracing his nature before the public eyes.

Tami stated that if Cee likes the presence of women in his life and does not leave the males out of the designated circle, he should openly admit to his duality.

According to Tami, dual preferences should be equally cherished and guarded, and the respective other half in the dating pair should also have the right to know one’s divulged personality.

Tami, who loved her two daughters to her heart core, shunned that daughter. Jazz broke the news of her actual orientation through a baseless text message.

A proud mother always and an admirer of all genders, Tami added responded to the case by saying that Jazz could have just acted like a family matter that could be resolved via a small, emotional talk.

Tami Roman’s Illness and Weight Loss Explained

Tami Roman has lost a lot of wights in recent years, especially after featuring in the show Basketball Wives.

While some fans claimed that her apparent weight loss had more detrimental effects on her health and initial appearance, Tami responded by saying she is more concerned about her actual health.

The mother of two stated that she has been long battling Diabetes and doesn’t wish to lose the fight against it for her family.

She has been trying detoxication procedures and taking a balanced healthy diet to safeguard the care of her two daughters.

Explore Tami Roman Dating Life – Who Is She Married Too?

Tami has always dated straight men as she carves a similar explicit preference.

Tami Roman dated pro-basketball athlete Kenny Anderson and tied the marriage knot in 1994.

The pair were blessed with their two daughters viz. Lyric and Jazz Anderson.

She divorced Kenny in 2001 and then married NFL retired truck company owner Reggie Youngblood in August 2018.