Is Russell Brand A Vegan? Where is Russell Brand currently living?

Russell Edward Brand is a British comedian and actor. He hosts the Stay Free with Russell Brand podcast. Brand, known for his flamboyant, loquacious style and manner, has won three British Comedy Awards: Best Newcomer, Best Live Stand-Up, and Outstanding Contribution to Comedy.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Brand’s YouTube channel saw an increase in activity and a shift in political direction, veering heavily toward COVID-19 denialism and conspiracy theories, leading to an increase in popularity and 6.5 million subscribers and more than a billion views.

Brand’s new weekly views increased from a weekly low of fewer than 500,000 in November 2020 to almost 14.5 million in March 2022.

Is Russell Brand A Vegan?

As of 2023, the answer to the often-asked question, “Is Russell Brand vegan?” is a resounding yes. The renowned comedian, actor, and activist Russell Brand has indeed embraced the vegan lifestyle again.

Where is Russell Brand currently living?

Russell and Laura, who got married in 2017, live in the beautiful Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire, in a property he purchased in 2016. Dubbed the Thatched Cottage, the six-bedroom ‘chocolate box’ home was built in 1897 and was once the home of Elizabeth Bowes Lyons, the Queen Mother’s cousin.